Monday, February 19, 2007

Under the sea

(Random walkies)

Rawson Road Level Crossing Woy Woy

Mural* painted one of two railway structures at the level crossing at the corner of Rawson Road and Railway Street Woy Woy.

There are two railway crossings in Woy Woy, this one and the underpass from Railway Street to Woy Woy Bay Road near the Home for the Terminally Bewildered in Woy Woy South.

Rawson Road Level Crossing Woy Woy

Dolphin enjoying a swim on the shed.

The Local Rag says the murals were painted by Ettalong artist and rail worker Tony Garland. "[T]here are plans to put murals both near Koolewong station and south of Woy Woy station." Those murals are up as well. Also tagged but still looking good.

Rawson Road Level Crossing Woy Woy

From the Woy Woy Bay side of the tracks. Railway Street is behind the structures and in front of the trees. Rawson Road is on the right of the picture, heading over to Ocean Beach Road. The blue sign points to "Woy Woy Shopping Area".

This photo was taken on another day, hence the different light.

Sunken ship on painted structure at Rawson Road Level Crossing Woy Woy

My favourite bit of the murals. A sunken ship.

The taggers have been at work again on the shed (back). Don't think they're local. Most of what they tag is near the railway line and they're only active every few months. I've seen the same tags in Gosford, the next stop on the faster train.

Exclusion zone

As Inexplicable Device pointed out, there's not many people in my photos. Well spotted, that witch!

When I started blogging my walkies I took photos with humans and without. The ones with didn't look right. They gave the impression that Woy Woy was crowded. It's got its fair share of traffic and people but it's also quite peaceful. My namesake called it the world's only above ground cemetery for a reason.

* It is of course a muriel, as us Pratchett fans well know, but one must speak Roundworld when one blogs to the heathen masses.


Inexplicable DeVice said...

That explains it.

Hang on. Cemetaries are crowded!

Oh. You mean above ground...

Spike said...

Quite so.

It's leisurely as well as quiet. The DOTs move at a snail's pace, the fishing nutters stroll and the tourists meander. The only impatience to be witnessed is that of the hardened cases waiting outside the pub for opening.