Friday, November 02, 2007

Davistown under a blue sky

(Davistown #9, not counting the Putt Putt Regatta)

Lovely weather here today. By my reckoning anyways. It's been dark all morning and just as I logged in there was a flash of lightning nearby and the rain started to come down. The scent of the wet earth and dusty roofs and jasmine on the breeze is glorious. The cat on my lap doesn't agree. I'm minding him for a mate and he sticks his claws into me (the cat not the mate) every time there's a rumble of thunder.

Illoura Reserve & St Huberts Island from Pyang Avenue Davistown

Had a wee picnic on the foreshore at Davistown last week. The weather was the opposite of today, as you can see. It was quiet and still. Storms were forecast for later in the week and it was getting muggy.

It was half tide and a few wading birds stalked about on the muddy sand, looking for pipis and tiny sand crabs. A dozen magpies and seagulls landed and watched me eat my sandwich.

This is looking south-east along Lintern Channel to the corner of Illoura Reserve Davistown and across to St Huberts Island (middle distance) and Daleys Point (far distance). That's the Lintern Street ferry stop between the tree trunks.

St Huberts & Rileys Islands from Pyang Avenue Davistown pano

Weekender boats in Lintern Channel. These two are always moored of a weekday.

That's Rileys Island behind them, then the hill of Blackwall Mountain behind Rileys, the hill of Daleys Point on the left and that pointy little hill in the background is Wagstaffe. St Huberts Island in between its ramp (left-ish) and Rileys. It's so flat it just looks like houses floating on the water.

Rileys Island & Saratoga from Pyang Avenue Davistown pano

Looking north-north-west along to Saratoga (hill on right), Rileys Island on the left middle distance), Koolewong in the middle (far distance) and the ridges of Woy Woy Bay in the far far distance.

Creek under Morton Crescent Davistown

A silent creek on a hot day. It crosses under Morton Crescent (off Pyang Avenue) and lets into Lintern Channel. Can't find a name for the bugger on any of my maps so we'll just call it Morton Lintern Creek for now.

Looking north-east in the direction of Kincumber. Saratoga's saddle-backed hill rising in the background.

Creek under Morton Crescent Davistown

Same creek, looking south-west into Lintern Channel and at Rileys Island.

Note dingies slumbering under the trees on the left hand bank. Just out of frame to their left were several chairs under the trees in someone's backyard. Lovely spot to sit at any time of year.

Rileys Island from the creek under Morton Crescent Davistown

From beside the creek, Rileys Island across Lintern Channel.

The rain's slowed to a silent sprinkle but there's another storm booming over Gosford and it'll soon be here. I'm off to sit on my balcony with a cuppa and watch it.


Anonymous said...

I lived in Morton cres for a while in the funny looking house with the curved roof and the round windows. It was great fun, but if you scratched the surface it was just an old fibro place underneath, a bit like the house next door. There used to be jetties with boat sheds along there. My son got an oyster shell in his foot from one of the buried wharf piles and spent a night in Gosford hospital having it surgically removed. (they did a great job - no complaints)Photos of the area on the Gosford Council archives show the creek clearly, and the Lintern channel was virtually non existant. If you paddle up the creek it opens into a basin surrounded by wetlands, and if you get lost the mozzies will carry you home again. The sunsets are great looking over Rileys, and having a quiet one as the boats pass by.

Spike said...

if you scratched the surface it was just an old fibro place underneath, a bit like the house next door.

I rather suspected that place might be one of those. Sometimes I find a whole street with the backs of its houses half a century older than its fronts!

if you get lost the mozzies will carry you home again

Making themselves useful for a change.

Great info, Anon, much appreciated.