Thursday, November 22, 2007

Lightning & ferries

Lovely storm last night. Great flashes of lightning lighting up the whole sky in one go and sweet fragrant rain. I opened up the curtains and watched the show. The lights went out at 8.34. Only ten minutes though and they came back on. Further up the Coast they were blacked out for hours.

Crap light for photos again today. Here's a few from Sydney Harbour.

Alexander & Borrowdale

Harbour ferries. Alexander and Borrowdale and all the Harbour ferries of their size and livery are named after ships of the First Fleet, the ships what brought the first convicts in 1788.

First Fleet ships:
Lady Penrhyn
Prince of Wales
Golden Grove

The first six carried convicts. The rest carried supplies and the Marines who became the colony's prison guards and police.

Seven Seas Mariner & the Coathanger Circular Quay Sydney

Seven Seas Mariner that bloody great boat is called. One of them floating hotels. And the Coathanger in the background of course.

Opera House, ferries & tourist boat

Midday traffic at Circular Quay. Harbour ferry, the Opera House and a tourist boat.

The tourists sit in the tourist boat dressed like purple condoms while it hurtles about the harbour like a mad thing and gives them a drowning and a thrill. Leaves from the old Harbour Master's Steps if I remember right.

Sydney Opera House

There yer go. The picture postcard view. A scrum of nuns, Clive James called it.


michael said...

love the photo of the bridge and the big boat
power went out here I thought it was about 5 minutes and the lightning was pretty spectacular I didnt know the northern end was blacked out for hours though

Jeff said...

Hi again,

Ta for your help and links in reply to my last comments.
And I will have to catch up, missed that pearl beach danger stroll in the random walkies.

Thinking that the latest posting's comments is the best place to register inquiries....

and another question or few:

Will be looking for wheels, is there a special spot in town where autos for sale are parked by folks?

And if you have the names of any backpackers (spots), you will be appreciated again, Spike.

Anonymous said...

G'day Spike, just checking out your pic's, real good they are.
I commentented on one of your flickr pic's also(Cycleway @ Pt Clair).
I will return to gosford one day, but have to stay here in Tas a bit longer.

Suzanne44 said...

Woohoo! Goodbye John Howard, and good riddance to bad rubbish!

(Nothing to do with lightning & ferries, but I just heard, and I had to do a little happy yelling.)

How did you get that pictur of the Opera House? Were you on the water?

Spike said...

Michael, don't think it was the whole northern end. Just random strikes like here I heard. The Bays went out as well here I'm told. Must've struck the whatsit on Woy Woy Road.

Jeff, yer welcome.

where autos for sale are parked by folks

Outside the Council Depot on Ocean Beach Road. They get cleared every now and then but just wait a week.

backpackers' spots

Bay View pub The Boulevard, Woy Woy.

Douga, I saw your comment at Flickr. Not much has changed here in some ways but you might be a bit stunned at The Excresence.

Suzanne, I could've danced all night! As it was I did a lot of barging round the pub emitting roars of relief. Terrible head the next morning.

Lavender Bay ferry. You can get all the Opera House and Coathanger photos you can eat for the price of a ferry trip.

michael said...

I thought it was a bit weird that the power went off here while the storm was still out to the west of us maybe the lightning hit something out that way?

Spike said...

Do you reckon a tree down on a line over at The Bays coulda done it? They plugged The Bays into the Green Street substation only a few weeks ago.

michael said...

no idea