Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Sick note

Fucking flu.

Back to bed now.


Blabberon said...

We're the ones s'posed to be getting sick cause winter is coming. You're the one s'posed to be well cause summer's coming.

So...Get well!!

Suzanne44 said...

Don't badger the sicko, Ron! Next you'll be telling ol' Spike here that walking cures the flu...

Get well, Spike - stay in bed and read brain-candy type novels 'til you're good and rested and feeling better.

Blabberon said...

Suzanne is correct. Bed and brain candy AND chicken soup.

As an aside, the "word verification" word I'm 'sposed to type in for comment approval is:


Is that an aussie word meaning "The Pig Prison"?

Spike said...

Ron, yessir!

Suzanne, hear hear!

I read Dopeland for a bit but hurt myself laughing. Funny bloke that Birmingham.

Ron, it is now.