Friday, November 09, 2007

Running hot & cold

(Davistown walkies #10)

This week in Woy Woy

Just before it pissed down raining again yesterday morning. Been raining all week here in Woy Woy. Refreshes the soul rain does. Specially with all them boffins on the telly prophesying drought and doom.

It's crap light for photos and I forgot to recharge the effing batteries again anyways so here's some more from Davistown the other week.

Davistown Progress Hall McCauley Street Davistown

Davistown Progress Hall McCauley Street. On the waterfront next to Central Wharf, where you get off for the Davo.

Fibro hall, 1940s maybe though the fibro could be a shell over an older building. Couldn't see the piles to see.

House to the right up on good tall piles. Bet they'll be glad of that come the Christmas tides. Haven't seen another on the flat on piles like that.

Restalla Avenue Davistown

Restalla Avenue. Bit of a weird house to find in a street on the flat in Davistown. It's a retro Victorian (circa 1840-c.1890) / Federation (circa 1890-c.1915) terrace house, usually found in tight-packed sloping streets in Sydney's inner suburbs.

Cascading jasmine Davistown

You couldn't hardly see the fence this lot was on. It was more like a hedge than a creeper. Nice light-scented jasmine.

Bloke next door to my place has stuck one of them standard rose frames in the middle of his back lawn and planted one of these jasmines under, tied to it. Got flowers on it already and of an evening the warm jasmine smell drifts in through my windows. Very nice.

Pelicans enjoying a thermal over Saratoga

It was a warm day. The local pelicans crowded into a thermal over Saratoga.

Jenkins Street Davistown

Jenkins Street. Lovely old place. Not on my hist list but I'm going to bung it down as built in the 1910-1920 period. Looks old enough (not the fibro & roof, they're much younger) and so does the tree out the back.

Original windows and door it looks like and the post-and-rail fence is a good 40 years old.

Pyang Avenue Davistown

Pyang Avenue. Looks new but closer inspection reveals a mix of new (sliding door, front veranda) and old (most others) windows and doors seen in genuinely old buildings. So looks like a re-stumping job rather than a new house with a retro roofline.

The dingy under the veranda is barely 50 yards dragging from the water. Very handy.


Nice bit of info and local colour from an anonymous reader on Davistown #9 last week.

The jacarandas are flowering all over the Peninsula. Lovely their soft purple looks outlined against the grey sky, specially when the sun stick its head out for a sec and lights them up. Then it nips back in before I've got time to whip the camera out. Never mind, I'll get one against the blue sky when this lovely wintery weather goes away and the drought kicks in.


Inexplicable DeVice said...

I love the first pic of the sun through the clouds - very atmospheric.

No pun intended.

Spike said...

Thank yer, Device dear. One of them serendipitous photos. Had it on the wrong setting.