Thursday, November 29, 2007

Purple penis plant

Fucking horrible day for walkies today. Plenty of sun but flat light and the weather's as muggy as buggery. I had a bit of a wander then sought refuge in the cool of the pub.

Ocean Beach SLSC Trafalgar Avenue Umina

Ocean Beach SLSC Trafalgar Avenue Umina

Finished at last. The outside anyways. The inside looks semi-finished.

T'other one, Umina Beach SLSC down the road a bit, is still being landscaped and having tiles done downstairs.

Dellwyn Elizabeth Mardell Ocean Beach SLSC Umina

Second memorial seat at Ocean Beach SLSC. The other one is dedicated to the memory of Bob da Silva.

Dunnies (left) and playground of the SLSC in the background.

This one says:

"In loving memory of
Dellwyn Elizabeth Mardell
1943 - 2001".

Box Head from Ocean Beach SLSC

Box Head from Ocean Beach SLSC

Box Head was on the telly the other night, on that surf rescue programme. It was filmed a while back and the bit at Box Head was an overturned dingy or summat.

Nice shots of the area from the rescue chopper and, after the campers cleared their tents off the camping ground, the chopper put down and picked up the peeps from the boat.

Barrenjoey Head & Lion Island from Ocean Beach SLSC

Barrenjoey Head & Lion Island from Ocean Beach SLSC

Storm clouds building up out to sea and a raft of small cumulus floating up from Sydney.

Purple penis bush

Purple penis bush. Large firm pannicles with a faint perfume reminiscent of soap.


Bernie Banton's dead. The mesothelioma got him in the end. He'd had asbestosis and asbestos-related pleural disease for yonks, hence the oxygen tube he wore.

Asbestos is a fibrous mineral. You might know it as the brown and yellow-striped gem stone tiger's eye. The industrial grade is a dull grey. It was used in World War 2 as fire insulation in warships, heaps of houses have been built from sheets of it (in NSW it's called fibro).

It's deadly stuff. The fibres get in your lungs and cells built up round them and pretty soon there's a whacking great lump in your chest using up more and more of the space you need to breathe. It can take years to show you and there's a group of diseases you can get from it, mesothelioma being one of them and the one that can take twenty years to develop.

You can get asbestos diseases from mining it, from manufacturing it like Banton did when he worked for Hardies, from installing it and from uninstalling it or just from being in the same room as the fibres. Men who worked for Hardies died of it and are still dying of it, wives who washed their work clothes have died from it, builders have died from it, home renovators have died from it. Stay away from the shit.

Hardies fucked around with their workers' lives then tried to wriggle out of the consequences. Banton and the rest of the crew that fought Hardies worked bloody hard to get them to cough up workers' comp. Tell you what, I wouldn't be able to sit across the table from a guy who had to cart a tank of oxygen round to live and say he couldn't have any compo. Takes a real lack of guts to do that.

Onya, Bern. Even those who didn't know you will miss you.

ABC article with picutre


michael said...

I saw those dark clouds last night as I was heading into kmart it actually looked worse than what it was
I didnt even know about the umina surf club being demolised and rebuilt, I knew the one at ocean beach was being rebuilt as I go past it quite regulary

Jimmy Little said...

I think I preferred the old classic 60's Ocean Beach clubhouse :-). Had a good fish and chips lunch on a bench amidst the building detritus next to the resurgent Umina Beach SLSC clubhouse a month ago. Lots of memories of the old club there as a Umina Stingray (Junior SLSC); but it was more of a concrete block cave than the airier OB version.

Spike said...

Michael, yep, the owrst of the storms always seems to pas the Peninsula by. The telly last night was muttering about hail and flash floods in Sinny and we got away with just a bit of lightning.

Umina club's a bit tucked away down there. Would never've found it myself without the walkies.

Jimmy said [Umina SLSC] was more of a concrete block cave

Ain't that the truth. Loathe as I am to enjoy new buildings, the new club there is way better than the old one.

Yeah, not that much wrong with the old OB club, on the outside anyways. Keeping the balcony and the tuck shop down the bottom is good.

Spike said...

the owrst of the storms translates as the worst of the storms.

Curse you keyboard!

Inexplicable DeVice said...

Ah, the purple penis plant. One that we have in the UK, too. Otherwise known as a butterfly bush or buddleia.

I see you've already got your tag. Do find your brain first - We don't want anything too random...