Saturday, October 24, 2009

Green Point

(Green Point walkies #1)

Back. Somewhat refreshed from my holiday but shit continues to go down in my offline life so not really all that thrilled to be home.

Anyways. Green Point. Just before I went on holiday I started walking Green Point.

Green Point & Woy Woy

It's on the eastern side of the estuary (Brisbane Water) just above Yattalunga. It's a narrow strip of houses along Avoca Drive, squeezed in between the water and Kincumba Mountain.

Illawara Flame Tree

There's not much flowering this year due to the bloody dry winter we had. This is an Illaware flame tree, a baby one leaning over an overgrown creek (Egan Gully [Creek]) in Beatties Road which is at the bottom of the hill, right next to the christian school, just as you head up Avoca Drive into Green Point proper. It's a quiet road with just a few houses and a couple of eldery golden retrievers that wander out of their front yards and gaze up at you lovingly.

Stripy rock at Lexington Avenue Green Point

There's lots of places round Brisbane Water where there's flat rocks at the waterline. The park at the end of Lexington Parade and Merindah Avenue is one of those places. There's wee tiny rock pools and a scattering of broken shells and sea glass and, sometimes, stripy rocks where you can see how the sediment was laid down or whatever it was all those aeons ago. Cool.

Footbridge & Koolewong from Elfin Hill Rd Green Point

Can you see it? Locals should be able to pick up the shape of it. It's the footbridge over at Woy Woy/Koolewong, the one with all the wires. It's photos like this that remind me to get a new camera already. This one has reached its limits.

Tascott from Merindah Avenue Green Point

Just for pretty. Tascott and yacht. The other side of Brisbane Water always looks so far away in these photos I take across it. I swear it's not half that far.

Galahs in flight Lexington Avenue Green Point

I walked fuck-all of Green Point on my first walk there. Just three tiny streets. They all had a park at the end and I slothed out on the grass for a while. It was a warm day. We skipped spring this year and went straight into summer. I laid there under a tree listening to the breeze making the casuarina trees whisper in their soft howl and watching a couple of pink and grey galahs fossick about for something to eat.

Kayak season in Lintern Channel between Davistown & Rileys Island

It's kayak season. Some local crowd at Koolewong I think it is runs a kayak tours thingy where you go on a wee tour of the estuary in their kayaks. You see an occassional hardy kayaker out on the water in winter but it's summer that's the busy season and it's par for the course to see them bobbing in the wake of the ferry as it heads round to the stop for the Davo. (Get off at Central Ave, walk up Davistown Road and turn right at Murna Road.)

Weird to put the first photo last I know but there you go.

Holiday reading

I bring you leopard porn, the bad!fic that broke Wincon 2007. Olden but golden. From the fandom that brought you yak!crack.

*hearts the internets even though it should probably take its meds more often*


michael said...

welcome back spike
a couple of weeks ago I went for a walk up to mount pleasant at saratogs, having never been there before i didnt realise how stepp the walk up to the lookout was and then when i got there theres bugger all to see lots of trees in the way so i dont know whats so pleasant about it, the i went to saratoga wharf it was really windy, nearly got blown off into the water!!!!

was a circular quay today saw the star princess berthed there boody hell thats a huge ship!!!

Pattie UK said...

Welcome from me too.
I shall look out for a man with a camera.grins..we arrive next month.
and for goodness sake..keep that summer weather please.
Lovely photos as usual thanks Spike.

Spike said...

Michael, thank yer kindly.

Yeah, that look-out is bloody disappointing. Would have some nice views if you could bloody see them.

sea princess ... huge ship!!!

So fucking huge it hardly looks real. You'd never get me on one of those bastards. Trapped cheek-by-jowl for weeks with a pack of rabid shopaholic randy strangers. Okay maybe the randy bit but not the rest :)

Pattie Penny Pot, thank yer kindly.

next month ... summer weather please

Will pray to appropriate gods on your behalf. Weather man says it will be bloody hot this November.