Monday, May 22, 2006

Dane Drive

(Every-street walkies, Gosford #9)

Slept in late this morning but the joy of cold season walkies is you can walk late and not boil to death. This autumn sun is so warm and gentle it's a pleasure to walk in. Went back up to Gosford again on the train and back to the waterfront.

Wooden boat Gosford Wharf
(Big version)

Nice wooden yacht moored at the Gosford Wharf.

Wooden boat Gosford Wharf
(Big version

What starts with M and ends in KU? A boat whose name you can't read due to the angle of the sun. (Same boat as above.)

If no-one'd been around I may well have swarmed up the rigging and got some views of Gosford from that crows'-nest on the forward mast.

TS Hawkesbury to Daleys Point from Gosford Wharf
(Big version)

Brisbane Water from TS Hawkesbury to Daleys Point, taken from Gosford Wharf. Left to right: Daleys Point, Barrenjoey Head (furtherest), Lion Island, Woy Woy, Koolewong & Tascott, and Point Clare with TS Hawkesbury (Naval training base) there at the water's edge.

Rumour has it there was a couple of blokes kayaking round Brisbane Water starting Saturday morning and finishing Sunday morning. I only heard about it when it was over. Raising money for sprogs with cancer or something. Can't find a link.

Rocks at Gosford Wharf
(Big version)

Quite subdued colours compared to these just a few kilometres away at Noonan Point. But I like the textures of the erosion.

Gosford Pool & Point Frederick
(Big version)

This afternoon's rain moving in from the sea. (It's black dark now and there's a storm about to come over the Peninsula.)

Gosford Pool on the left, the long low building. The one in the middle is the Gosford Sailing Club.

Circus Monoxide bus at Leagues Club Field Gosford
(Big version)

Circus tent's gone but the bus and chairs are still there. Very suss. Surely they couldn't get the tent and clowns and ponies all into that bus?

Art Deco Dane Drive Gosford
(Big version)

Art Deco building I stumbled across without even trying. Just across the road from the traffic lights at the pool on Dane Drive.

Steve & the publicity machine

For those who came in late, the Fat Man Walking guy has made it all the way across America and is in New York being interviewed to death.

He's obviously pretty weirded out by the whole fame thing. As you would be. He's been walking all that way pretty much ignored by the media then they descend on him in packs in the last couple of months and now he's on TV shows that get beamed across all the distance he's come and round the world.

It'll be interesting to see how far he can get with this publicity towards his goals. The walking was just the start of the journey. Best of luck, mate.


writer said...

Wonderful boat, I'd be into the crows'nest as well.

I love how you get your rain in discrete chunks. Down here in Melbourne it's been dripping for days on end. Everything's soggy.

Spike said...

Yers, ours is very convenient.

Dripping would be bloody annoying. Do you get any clear days at all in winter?