Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Georgiana Terrace

Back to the beautiful warm sun after a few days of black skies and cutting wind. Did over an hour on Brisbane Water Drive but didn't take my camera. So here's a few photos from last week in Gosford.

Old Gosford Public School 1877 1886
(Big version)

My hist list says "former school and residence" but when I was taking photos round the Georgiana Terrace side I saw a couple of kids and what looked like a teacher.

Gosford Library says that "in 1877 a purpose-built sandstone school opened on a site at the top of Georgiana Terrace, overlooking the town". My hist list has it at "1877, 1886" so perhaps there was an extension bunged on at the back in 1886. Certainly looks like it.

Old Gosford Public School 1877 1886 II
(Big version)

Also taken from Henry Parry Drive. I like the colours, the sandstone with the natty green trim and the classic tin roof.

The NSW Heritage Office has it listed as "a fine and intact example of the Victorian Rustic Gothic style of the late nineteenth century" and has something about "its continued use as a school". So I was right. It also says "Miss Honaria McGrath was the first teacher. Brick extensions were added in 1892. As school grew in the early years of the twentieth century, solid wooden buildings with adjoining classrooms were used". In 1954 the school was moved to the Mann Street site, the one with the old railway carriage. Those kids I saw were very small, kindy (pre-school) age, so maybe it's a kindy now.

Old Gosford Public School 1877 1886 III
(Big version)

View of the front veranda from Georgiana Terrace. Lovely spot for gazing out over the water on a hot summer day. Despite some fugly eighties flats the view is still mostly there.

Old Gosford Public School
(Big version)

Back of the main building. Taken from Georgina Terrace. It's all still in good nick by the look if it.

Fagans Bay & The Broadwater from Mouat Lane Gosford
(Big version)

The line across the middle of the water there is the railway bridge going into Gosford. On the lef is the corner of a block of unlovely seventies flats in Mouat Lane (off Georgiana Terrace). The boats are near Gosford Wharf, it's obscured by the flats. The park is the foreshore along Dane Drive and that's the industrial area in West Gosford in the distance.

Fear and loathing in Kathmandu

Bugger. Sue Fear's death verified. She was an Australian champion mountain climber. The day they brought Lincoln Hall down the mountain she disappeared down a hidden crevasse.

American readers may not know about the trouble in Dili. East Timor is a young nation. Gained independence from Indonesia only a few years ago. Young nations have teething troubles and East Timor is having them now. Their capital Dili is pretty much in the hands of armed gangs. We flew troops up there a few days ago at the request of the East Timorese government.

The best thing that can be said about the earthquake in Indonesia is that there was no tsunami after it to spread the pain like last time.

In nutty news, dozens injured as cheese roll goes crackers (includes video). Pommy readers, what is it with you buggers and cheese? Seriously.

And finally some good news. Sophie, that little kid who was run over a few weeks ago (the one who was badly burnt at two) has been cleared to return to school in a month.

Hopefully next week there'll be some good news. Or I just won't open the fucking newspaper.


Anonymous said...

Re cheese-rolling - nowt so queer as folk, you know, Spike!
And in England if anyone spotted you taking photographs anywhere near children, you'd probably be arrested as a paedophile and have your camera confiscated.

inexplicable device said...

A remarkably low injury tally for the latest cheese roll! Bravo!

As always, I'm very impressed with your photos - amazing quality.

Spike said...

Anon - Love that expression.

Once or twice there's been some officious twit have a go at me. But they generally slink off when I point out I'm taking photos near/of an empty school on a Sunday.

Device dear - LOL.

Thank yer. If I'd known how much praise this site would get me I'd've started the bugger a decade ago!

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