Thursday, May 04, 2006

Start spreading the news

Steve (Fat Man Walking) will reach New York this week. How cool is that?

He started from Oceanside in California on the 10th of April and he's walked across America. His end point is the Rockefeller Center in New York and he's hoping to be there on the 8th of May.

Steve's been walking alone and without a support vehicle. He's been sleeping in a tent beside the road and buying food in towns along the way or cooking on a camp stove. He's had to content with dickheads, weather, self-doubt, injuries and TV crews. He's lost a lot of weight, gained a lot of health and worked through some heavy personal shit. He's been doing it tough but he hasn't given up. If you're in the area, lend him your support by walking the last few miles with him and tell him I sent you.

There's some newspaper articles and so on about him here. Australian current affairs programme 60 Minutes did an interview with him in April and will presumably show it when he reaches New York.

From Steve's blog for the 1st of May:

"I am trying to get to NYC between the 8th and 10th of May. It looks as though I will make it by the 8th if nothing goes wrong in this last week. So if you are planning on walking with me into NYC then get ready, let me know and we will meet up in Newark, May 7th and walk into NYC across the George Washing bridge, then walk along a bike / walking path down to around 50th street then cross over to Rockefeller Center which is my ending point."


Pixie Sprinkle said...

sleeping in a tent beside the road? gees...i won't be having a one night stand with him then...

Spike said...

Yers. Once you'd inflated the air mattress and evicted the racoons you'd be too bloody tired to shag.