Thursday, May 11, 2006

Noo York Noo York

From Steve Vaught's (Fat Man Walking) site:


Watch Steve on the Today Show, May 10th at approximately 7:30 am."

He made it. Onya, Steve! Knew you'd make it, mate. Congratulations. Hope they had a cold beer and a footrub waiting for you.

Steve's walked across America. All the way from California to New York. All the way, sleeping in a tent beside the road most of the way. He's had a few companions, people who've walked a few miles with him and a few TV crews trailing along with him interviewing him. But he's walked the whole way essentially alone, no support crew. That's the same distance as from Perth to Canberra then up to Brissie or Nepal to North Korea or Calais to the Red Sea. Hell of a distance and a hell of an achievement.

He hasn't been on the news here yet. Got bumped off by fire, a suburban bomb maker and the Federal Budget.

Unless he gets bumped off by a terrorist attack, he'll be on Sixty Minutes here this Sunday. They filmed an interview with him a few weeks ago. It'll be interesting to see how he was doing back then with New York still ahead of him.

In other news

You can now buy a board game based on the life and crimes of Australia's second most famous criminal, Chopper Read. BYO toe-cutters.

Our most famous crim is of course, Ned Kelly. Yep, the same Ned Kelly they made into a movie.


Kerry said...

I'd much rather walk with you around Woy Woy looking at beautiful buildings and learning the history of the area.

Spike said...

Thank yer.

Think I'd rather too. Walking across the country would be cool to have done but all that living in a tent would do my head in.