Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Woy Woy to Tascott

(Random walkies)

Went off along Brisbane Water Drive today, along the water in the direction of Gosford. Last night I realised with a start the Woy Woy to Gosford Fun Run's on in a few weeks. And here's me behind in my training schedule.

Got passed by half a dozen runners, probably also training and there were a fair few other walkers stumping along. Been asking around and it looks like there'll be quite a crowd of walkers at the back of the Fun Run.

Barge and Pelican Island
(Big version)

This barge seems to be connected with the oyster and mussel farms, though I've only seen smaller boats used to pick up the racks from the water.

New crash barriers on Brisbane Water Drive
(Big version)

Saw something like these barriers on a re-run of The New Inventors a few weeks ago. I wonder if this is them. These ones are on the Woy Woy end of Brisbane Water Drive where a new bit of the cycle path just went in.

Not playing possum
(Big version)

This wee fella is a former possum. Possibly he fell from the powerlines overhead during on of those storms the other night. He's not very big, as you can see from the relative size of the grass. He's perhaps twice the size of a rat and by no means the smallest Australian possum.

Woy Woy & Koolewong from Tascott
(Big version)

When I got to Tascott I stopped and looked back all the way I'd come, from Woy Woy to across the road from Tascott station where this photo was taken. 4 kilometres (2.49 miles) and a third of the way along the Woy Woy to Gosford Fun Run route.

The squarish hill on the left is Blackwall Mountain in Woy Woy. The Fun Run leaves from Woy Woy and finishes in Gosford. It's 12 kays (7.46 miles) and it's on sometime next month. Better keep on track with my training schedule.


Midget Arse said...

yipeeeee im 1st

good luck with the run ......get out there training haa haaa

Inexplicable DeVice said...

Eeeeww! I can see that possums 'nads!

I would have thought a gentleman such as yourself would have covered the offending articles with his handkerchief, of which I'm sure he carries with him at all times...

Fuckkit said...

Trust you to notice the bollocks, IDV.
Filthy minded bugger.

Spike said...

Midget Arse - Nah. I ain't running. I'm walking it. I'll be at the back of the pack with all the gimps. We should get to the finish line before dark provided we don't dawdle. Delicious nick BTW.

Device dear - I'd've thunk you'd seen a great many furry nads what with your broom crashing into trees and so forth. I shall carry a hankie henceforth.

Fuckkit - Mwha. Been to the real beach yet?

Inexplicable DeVice said...

If I'm crashing, Spike darling, I usually screw my eyes tightly shut and hope for the best. Furry 'nads are the least of my problems...

Fuckkit: I couldn't help but notice!

Spike said...

When you crash in trees do you sit up there shrieking for help until some burly farm lad comes with a ladder or put a hex on the squirrels and other such furry-nadded creatures to give you a hand?

inexplicable device said...

Burly farm lad every time! You'd be amazed at how my shriek for help has developed over the years. I'm told it can be heard over the roar of a combine harvester...

Spike said...

Bet you look quite fetching perched up there in yer frilly undercrackers and a winning smile.