Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Smoke on the water

(Random walkies)

Fog on Barrenjoey Head & the North Shore
(Big version)

Forgot to charge my camera battery last night so today's photo is from last week. There was a very nippy night followed by a clear blue day with fog in the morning.

This was taken from beside the loos at the end of Memorial Avenue Ettalong (down the entrance side of The Excrescence).

Wagstaffe is on the left and you can see part of Barrenjoey there under the fog next to it. Lion Island's clear of fog and on the right is the far end of Ettalong Beach.

Nippy day today. Nice and sunny once the cloud lifted a bit but a cruel wind. I went out in just a tee shirt and froze until the walking warmed me up. It's overcast again now but I'm inside all snug and warm with a hot wet cuppa tea and a wooly jumper on. Bliss.


Fuckkit said...

Still sunny and humid here in Brizzy.
Ok, sunny and humid by my standards anyway. The locals are slinking round in hoodies while I stride though the CBD in a vest top and sunglasses.

Spike said...

LOL. You'll be spotted as a Pom from miles off.

Also, sunny and humid is the resting state of Brizzy and all of Q. You will shortly notice an influx of shivering New South Welshpersons and Taswegians coming up for their annual thaw out.

Fuckkit said...

I believe Queensland is the best place to be in winter. Bloody shame we'll be heading south soon then.

When exactly is Sydney Mardi Gras m'dear? Gonna take your advice and book us a pitch somewhere as soon as we buy a caravan.

Spike said...

Mardi Gras will have the precise date. When they've decided on it.

This year the parade was on the 22nd of March and the MG fest thingy is the 3 weeks leading up to it. I'd lob into Syd in the last half of Feb and book this week. Half the queers on the planet come through Syd at MG.