Thursday, June 29, 2006


Up to Gosford today. No walkies but I did manage to get outdoors at lunchtime. There was a few tents and old photos on display down at the park opposite the wharf.

1951 Morris J Van
(Big version)

Also on display was this rather charming old van that was one of the NRMA service vehicles way back. "MORRIS - COMMERCIAL" the badge said, and the whatsit said "1951 Morris J Van NRMA 1476CC 4 Cyclinder Side Valve Body by Morris Motors".

1951 Morris J Van interior
(Big version)

The interior of the J Van. Bugger all comfort but not as tiny as I expected.

Asked what was going on and they said Careflight was having its 20th anniversary and the chopper would be landing soon. So I hung about. Had a free sausage in a bun. Bloody suss sausages they were. Those smooth pink ones. All earholes and arseholes, my granddad used to tell me. Probably right.

(Watch the chopper landing & my other videos at YouTube)

Anyways. The chopper came eventually. Hordes of sprogs had come out of the school next door and rushed the food. Some of them were sitting in rows on the grass by the time the chopper arrived but some of the little buggers were running round screaming and crashing into me with the camera to my eye.

As soon as the chopper appeared in the distance they started screaming their heads off and they were still going when it shut off. You'd think they'd never seen a chopper before but I s'pose when you're eight seeing a chopper landing is pretty cool.

The camera guy on the left was from NBN so locals should be able to see better fottage on the telly tonight unless it gets bumped off by a nice juicy car accident.


pattie.isle of wight .uk said...

love reading your blog.
we saw a helicopter land there
some time ago.cant remember the occasion.
whats next ?

Spike said...

Thanks very muchly. It's fun having readers from all over.

No idea about the chopper you saw. An emergency landing perhaps. They generally land at the heliport behind the pound 10 minutes up the road.

No idea what's next. I walk pretty randomly and discover new things all the time.

Dodderyoldfart said...

I had one of those vans.
They were funky. You could drive around with the sliding doors open. However if you stood on the brakes they slammed shut and you risked decapitation.
The ex finally rolled it on our drive.

Spike said...

Bummer. Because as well as being funky they're probably worth a few bob now.

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