Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Fun Run results

Results and photos from Sunday's 12 kilometre (7.46 mile) Fun Run are now online.

Don't know which is the 89-year-old but there's three guys in the over 70s division (places> CTRL+F "Male 70+") and they all did better times than me. Must remedy! Maybe I'll be ready to run a couple of years. Maybe.

Anyways, these photos of some of the runners show you how close to the water the course was.

Okay, so the Bay to Bay dodn't kill me and now I'm looking for the next Fun Run to walk. There's the Sydney City to Surf (with a cool satellite route map). 14 kilometres (8.7 miles) from central Sydney to Bondi Beach but it's not until August.

There's some photos of the 2005 City to Surf here and these look like 2005 as well.

There's a 10.5 kay (6.52 mile) Fun Run at Lake Macquarie an hour or so up the road. Also in August. Bugger. Must be something else before then. Will keep my eyes open and walk Sunday's 12 kay route as my training for the City to Surf.

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