Friday, June 23, 2006


(Random walkies)

Fog put the Sydney ferries out of action for a few hours this morning and the airport too. There's a nice picture of the Harbour Bridge up to its gills in fog here. There was a bit of fog on Brisbane Water as well and it didn't lift off the ridges until after 11AM. Went up to Gosford and managed to squeeze in a brief walk on the foreshore.

Fog above Correa Bay
(Big version)

Fog on the ridge above Deadmans Bay (Correa Bay) at eight thirty this morning. It didn't lift off the ridges until after ten thirty.

Taken from Dunban Road Woy Woy.

Fog between the heads of Broken Bay
(Big version)

Fog between the heads of Broken Bay. Taken from the Pacific Highway overpass next to the footy oval at Gosford.

Narara Creek
(Big version)

Narara Creek West Gosford. Looking south-east from the Henry Kendall Bridge towards Fagans Bay. Lovely day for a bit of kayaking too.

Not much walking at all this week. Been a bit crook. I was a bit crook the day before the Fun Run and I've been a bit off-colour every since. Stupid guts. But it rarely lasts more than a week and no doubt I'll be right again by Monday.


MeHereNow said...

I'd prefer your fog to our UK fog any day!!
Been to Australia a couple of times.Manly Vale the first time and Murrwillumbah the second time.I'm a country girl so visit #2 was my favourite although the flash flooding scared me slightly!
OMG just been completely British and spoke about the weather I'm so sorry feel free to delete!! :-)

Spike said...

LOL. It never rains enough here and when it does it floods.

Glad you enjoyed your visits. Are you coming again soon?

Inexplicable DeVice said...

Narara Creek looks remarkably like part of the Norfolk Broads in my neck of the woods. Spooky!

And just to make Meherenow feel a little better: It rained here this morning - How VERY dare it! It is summer after all. Oh well, at least I won't have to water the garden...

Spike said...

You have mangroves in the Norfolk Broads? Will have to adjust my perceptions of Norfolk toot sweet!