Monday, June 26, 2006

On a train on the back of an envelope

That's one of those grammar thingies I torture my students with. 'Someone or other wrote something on a train on the back of an envelope'. They had to re-phrase it so the train wasn't on the back of the envelope.

Had to go down to Sydney on the train today and just got back. Bought one of those pedometer step-counter thingies the other day. Didn't think I'd got much walking done today but it says I did 11,166 steps. Not sure my stride length was accurate when I set it. The daily target is 10,000 according to some bunch of doctor guys so even if my stride length is wrong I still did okay.

Ayways, here's a wee video for your viewing pleasure. Steadier camer work this time as well.

(See it and some more at YouTube)

Over the railway bridge past Dangar Island and into Hawkesbury River Station at Brooklyn.

Brooklyn's another 19th century township on the Central Coast. It's 15 - 20 minutes from Woy Woy by train, on the other side of the Woy Woy tunnel which is the longest railway tunnel in NSW.

There's oyster farms at Brooklyn too and the River Postman ferry does day trips from the wharf there. You can see the ferry right beside the train as it passes.

That's yer lot for today. I'm buggered. Off to bed.


writer said...

I must get one of those pedometer things.

Fuckkit said...

How have you lost your sidebar again??

*rolls eyes and tuts*

We were gonna stop in Woy Woy the other day and email you to try and drag you out for drinkies but the car started making noises that cars aren't meant to make (apparently happens when you don't put oil in it) around Toronto so we ended up there for the night.

Spike said...

Writer - They are quite fun. Had mine 3 days and I'm obsessed already. Fellow pedometer wearers are easy to spot. They're the ones hunched over themselves staring intently at their own belts.

Fuckkit - Blasted YouTube. It's all their fault.

I wasn't there. How are you down here so fast? They ran you out of Queensland already?

If you come back down to Woy Woy I heartily recommend the calamari at the Ocean View pub at the Woy Woy station lights then a fag and a ferry ride round the corner at the wharf.

P.S. Brake fluid and petrol are also useful.

P.P.S. Newcastle has some good pubs and is a rather pleasant port town. Keep an eye out for the Les Darcy museum (at Maitland?) if you like boxing or just enjoy watching a bloke with huge shoulders win 48 out of 49 fights.

Suzanne said...

Aha! I've finally got it.

Some one or other on a train wrote something on the back of an envelope.

If that's wrong, don't tell me. I've stared at it stupidly long enough.

stitchwort said...

Or perhaps they drew the train on the envelope first, then wrote something on the drawing of the train?

Spike said...

Suzanne - Ding!

Stitchwort - Nice try but no cigar. For native English speakers it's just a giggler but some of my intermediate students never get the train off the envelope on their own, poor dears.