Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Fletcher's Glen

(Random walkies)

It's the shortest day of the year today. Winter Solstice. Appropriately, it's a dark day. I've got the lights on still and it's 10AM. Outside it's cold and wet. The cars swish past on the wet road, the rain is falling from the low clouds and wetting my garden and it's cold. Inside it's snug and warm and I can go anywhere I want on this interwebthingy. So I'll go to Hardys Bay just down the road and across the water (map).

Waterless waterfall at Hardys Bay
(Big version)

Went there Saturday and had a wee trek through the bush at Fletchers Glen. It was pretty overgrown and a bit damp. The ground was mud. The leaves and rocks were slippery with damp and moss. We stepped slowly and carefully, holding onto the trees. Nearly went arse up into the creek a few times but had fun anyways.

Fletchers Glen flora & fauna
(Big version)

It reads: "Fletchers Glen contains three Waterfalls with the creek flowing into Briosbane Water. The reserve has a wide diversity of Flora and Fauna.
Flora species include:
Eucalyptus botryoides Bangalay
Acmena smithii Lilly Pilly
Ficus coronata Sandpaper Fig
Doryphora sassafras Sassafras
Glochidion ferdinandi Cheese Tree (top left picture)
Pararchidendron pruinosum Snow Wood
Archontophoenix cunninghamia Bangalow Palm (top right picture)
Livinstonia australis Cabbage Tree Palm (bottom left picture)
Synoum glandulosum Scentless Rosewood (bottom right picture)

Species of Fauna include:
Brush Turkey Powerful Owl Satin & Regent Bower Bird
Lyrebird Ringtail Possum Brushtail Possom Crayfish
Eastern Water Dragon Tree Snakes".

Didn't meet any snakes or any critters at all. My gentleman companion had a roaring hangover and whinged (whined) most of the way thus scaring off the beasties.

Tto get to Fletchers Glen take Ward's Hill Road off Empire Bay Drive, park on the Hardys Bay waterfront and walk along to the elbow of Fraser Road at the northern end of the bay. Look carefully for the sign marking the start of the track, it's a bit overgrown.

Hardys Bay panorama
(Big version)

Left to right: southern end of Hardys Bay, ridges at the back of the Woy Woy Peninsula (background), Blackwall Mountain & Ettalong, Koolewong & Tascott (background) & The Rip Bridge, Rileys Bay, and the northern end of Hardys Bay on the far right.

It rained a few minutes after this photo and we popped into the cafe on the waterfront for a cuppa. There was two cafes and a bottleshop (liquor store) on the wterfront at Hardys. They got their priorities right.

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