Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Dark but dry

(Random walkies)

It's been a dark wet week. Proper winter weather. Can't complain. This morning's walk was damp but not actually raining. Went on another training thingy along the route of the Fun Run. Been cooped up and not walking much for four days but it was fine. Beat the rain to my end point by the ski of my teeth.

Gosford & Green Point on a wet morning
(Big version)

Gosford (ish) and Green Point from Brisbane water Drive near Tascott railway station.

Sheather's on a wet morning
(Big version)

Sheather's have been selling fresh oysters from this shed since Noah was in short pants and that old wooden dingy has been slowly sinking for at least five years.

These photos were darker than a coal cellar at midnight when I got them home. But the water's as still as buggery and the reflections help make them a good subject for some tweaking fun. Haven't used the photo editing software much so this was fun.

Sun's out again at the moment. Might go for another walk if it stays out. The more the merrier.

(Hopefully today's post is better spelt and checked than yesterday's. I need more sleep.)


writer said...

Fantastic sky.

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