Thursday, September 15, 2005

Walk #61 - Buggered

Short walk today. Finished off the rest of Ettalong. Eight more walks to go then I'm finished Woy Woy.

Had another gander at the church while I was there. The Uniting one on Picnic Parade with the foundation stone saying "28-11-'31". With what I've learned about brick pier foundations, I'm thinking the '31 is 1931 rather than 1831.

The style of the church fits in with St Luke's (1904) and St David's (1908 - 20) as well. The library's copy of A Pictorial Guide to Identifying Australian Architecture says the style of Ettalong Uniting, St Luke's & St David's is "Carpenter Gothic circa 1840 - circa 1890". The three of them are very simple, like St Luke's below.

I've seen plenty of Carpenter Gothic churches in American movies and TV shows but they all have a bell tower or they're bigger. All the little white wooden churches I've laid eyes on in Australia are the same stripped-back version of the style as St Luke's.

St Luke's Portico

There's a bit of a gap between the end of the style and the building of the Woy Woy churches. Presumably the plans were chosen then there was a couple of decades of funding drives before they could buy the materials. I don't know. My brian's too tired to work it out right now.

Anyways. There was just a bit of breeze this morning. I couldn't hear the gums on the Mountain until I was up close.

Blackwall Mountain Panorama

Bit of noise from Maitland Bay Drive as it heads up the on-ramp and over Rip Bridge but that was it. Been quiet the last couple of days. Probably shock over the Poms beating us at the cricket.

I found an old shop on the corner of Fassifern Street and Memorial Avenue. It's three flats now apparently and used to be a grocer then a butcher. It looks about the same age as King's. I had a sticky at the caravan park. Which actually is all holiday cabins but calling it a cabin park sounds weird. Along the Maitalnd Bay Drive side of it you can see some of the residents have been there a while. They've done their own paving in the miniscule backyards and bought bird-baths and so on. They'd get a lot of native birds visiting what with being right across the road from the Mountain.

Okay, I'll stop now. I'm raving. Hardly slept last night and I was buggered before this morning's walk but I had no trouble doing it then going off to do other stuff after. Shows how far I've come in the seven months since I started this walkies thing.

Think I'll put the kettle on and potter about for a few minutes then watch Wallace & Gromit on the telly.

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Vampire Librarian said...

Spike, I can't get to your other blog! I've been trying the past few days and only get a page can't be displayed msg. What's up?

Spike said...

The server's having a little lie-down. It was on the turps last Friday night and has been talking to God on the big white phone ever since.

Should be back up soon. Mine host is patting its hand and asking it where it hurts and it should be up and at 'em in a day or two.