Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Walk #63 - Uncaffeinated

Wandered off for a walk yesterday morning. Had another test at the path lab at some ungodly hour and had to fast since ten the night before. No porridge, no apple, not even a nice hot cuppa tea. Plus I've been waking up at three every morning for a couple of weeks and brooding on things. So I was not exactly at full alertness capacity.

Anyways, after the test I got a decent-sized walk in. Munched morosely on a muesli bar and wandered down the wrong street a few times but managed to cover quite a bit of unwalked ground.

It was a sunny day, warm, clear sky. Bit of a cool breeze but I warmed up quick. There were a few dogs laying in the sun on their front lawns and cats sitting perkily on car bonnets. They looked at me and I looked at them. They were too warm to bark or scarper.

I trudged on, brooding and mulling things over and feeling hard done by. I was practically asleep on my feet. A wandering dog wandered silently up to me and pressed its moist nose into my hand. I jumped several feet and yelled a bit but the dog just gazed up at me mildly and waited for a scratch.

I scratched its chest and pondered. Haven't been feeling crash hot lately. The guts and various other ailments playing up again and there's all that crap with my father still going on. But this walkies thing has really pulled me through. It's been a constant in a time of ups and downs. It's also shown me that even if this guts thing never gets much better I can still get fit again and have some fun.

Now I just need to find my sex drive and I'll be sitting pretty.

An amusing link for your reading pleasure:
Emma Tom taking the piss out of Bushshit.

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Suzanne said...

I was just reading the Emma Tom piece - a real rip-snorter - and it occurred to me - do you realize the last four letters of Katrina, if rearranged, actually SPELL IRAN?! If that isn't a clue...

Spike said...


That Emma Tom regularly writes rip-snorters. (Try saying that fast.) And she's cute as well as brainy.