Monday, October 09, 2006

Boulevard of Broken Factories

(Gosford every-street walkies #29)

Fielder Street West Gosford

Behind this garage is an old fibro bungalow in very bad repair. Its front faces onto the Pacific Highway, one street down.

Fielder Street in West Gosford is a short street, once full of light industry, now almost entirely derelict.

Most of the industry has moved to Manns Road West Gosford (not Mann Street Gosford) just a few minutes down the road. Going on all the flats that've gone up in the surrounding streets, looks like Fielder Street will go the same way.

Fielder Street West Gosford

The house is still occupied. The factory in the middle not. The building on the right has an old sign saying "Auction Rooms" on the other side and latana growing on the roof. Love the door with the porthole.

Fielder Street West Gosford

Still in use as a house, going by the washing on the back line. Looking rather poorly but nice colours and proportions.

Fielder Street West Gosford

"Just Lovett Quality Meats" the sign says. Quite a pleasant old building in a once-busy street in industrial Gosford. A quick squizz in the phonebook reveals that Just Lovett is now operating a butchery at West Gosford Shopping Centre, barely a minute down the road at the West Gosford lights.

Fielder Street West Gosford

Still jaunty even under threat of bulldozing. No idea what it was used for though the window at the street side suggests it could've been a retail outlet for the ex-butchery. It's in the same block of land.

Fielder Street West Gosford

Another old house fallen on hard times. The sign says: "NSW Tai Chi and Chi Kung Centre".

Fielder Street West Gosford

Tyres & wires. An abandoned building behind Doors Plus on the Pacific Highway, just before Dead Rooster (Red Rooster).

Shit for brains

Some dickhead started a bushfire in Sydney yesterday. Thought he'd do a bit of a private burn-off. Great idea, mate, but not in the middle of a fucking Total Fire Ban and not in the teeth of a fucking 90 kay (55.9 mile) fucking wind. Jesus. Hope they throw the book at the dozy bugger.


Aesthetic said...

The house (still occupied note washing) reminds me of the one I lived in while at uni. Greeeeeaaaaaat memories.

Spike said...

Sex an' drugs an' overdue essays sorta house was it? Best uni lifestyle to be had, IMHO.