Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Mount Ettalong

(Random walkies)

Sky's pretty clear now but this morning it was as black as. Dark clouds pressing down ominously and bugger-all light. Looked like it was going to rain cats and dogs but we got just a wee sprinkle. Which is a bastard because we just went onto Level 4 water restrictions. That means no outdoor watering not even with a bucket. There's going to be a lot of dead gardens this summer. But we live in the driest fucking country on earth and the state is 90% in drought and the local dams are at around 16%. We just gotta suck it up.

Lion Island & Pittwater from Mount Ettalong

Anyways. I went up to Mount Ettalong. The light was still pretty low and most of my photos are crap but I got a few. This one is Lion Island and Pittwater from the lookout on the side of Mount Ettalong. That's Pearl Beach on the right of the frame, Barrenjoey Head is behind Lion Island and Pittwater is in the middle.

To get to the lookouts, from West Street go down Sydney Avenue and Hobart Avenue to Mount Ettalong Road. Up on Mt Ettalong there's a hairpin bend. As soon as you're round that look for the lookout sign on the left. It's not far. Park beside the water tank and follow the signs to the lookouts. There's one on the end (facing Box Head) and one on the side facing Pearl Beach and Pittwater.

Pearl Beach lagoon from Mount Ettalong

Pearl Beach lagoon and Coral Crescent. Pearl Beach is lovely. Beautiful beach and the streets are very green. It's mostly seventies houses but the trees obscure a lot of them. There's a lot of holiday rental houses, couple of them right across the road from the beach. Bliss.

More on Pearl Beach.

Up a gum tree

Lovely big pink gum. Some gums are tall and straight. This one is one of the sort with spreading undulating branches.


pattie said...

my daughter got married on that lookout.....it was wonderful
thanks for the picture
lovely memories..........what some views......

Spike said...

Beautiful spot to get married, Pattie. Did they do it on the lookout at the tip or under that beautiful canopy of trees near the water tank?

pattie said...

they stood on the look out
right at the end of the walk
its so beautiful there.
the water tank rather spoils it
but is a needed I guess.
lets hope you dont get any fires
there..this year.......
was there for the last lot
back of woy woy etc
40 % heat on the 1st jan 2006
I believe it was??watching the
helicoptors droppping water ......

Spike said...

Yers. The tank is rather prosaic and some of the graffitti could do with a spellcheck.

Having it on the end lookout would be rather scrumptious. If I remember it gives a view from Saratoga to Pittwater.

It was the 1st of January this year. The Met recorded 45 degrees at Gosford. Watching the choppers dropping water was pretty speccy.

They may well be at it again today. Been smelling smoke for over an hour now. Let's hope it stays in a national park, where-ever it is, and does fry to many wombats.

Spike said...

Make that, doesn't fry too many wombats.