Friday, September 29, 2006

Dark Corner

(Random walkies)

Dark Corner Patonga

At Patonga, just across the water from Barrenejoey Head, there's a small headland at the east end of the beach. That end of the beach is known as Dark Corner. A Heritage website has a history of Orcades , one of the old houses there with a couple of early photos as well. The houses at Dark Corner have been occupied since around the 1920s. There's some more photos & a couple of maps and a post from when I walked the streets there.

Barrenjoey Head from Dark Corner Patonga

Taken a bit further round the tip of the headland. That's Barrenjoey Head in the middle and if you look closely on its right you can see the dark line that is Palm Beach.

Dark Corner Patonga

Tiny rock pools in the rock ledge with little barnacle thingies growing in them.

Dark Corner Patonga

Big stripy rock sitting on the rock ledge. Have a gander at it in the big size.

Dark Corner Patonga

Overhang at the bottom of the headland. Look at those stripes and swirls and golden colours.

Patonga from Dark Corner

Patonga from the rock ledge at the tip of the Dark Corner headland. The road comes round the ridge and down behind the highest houses (right of centre).

Dark Corner Patonga

It got overcast and the tide was coming in. We went back.


The results of the East Harbour redevelopment re-naming thingy are in. And "[an] historic stretch of Sydney's waterfront has been renamed The Hungry Mile in recognition of the struggle of waterside workers during the Great Depression.

Fucking excellent.

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