Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Completely Bursar*

Been going mental cooped up inside all this time so I tottered slowly off to the chemist to get another lot of meds. Had a little rest at the bus station and saw an interesting accident. No photos. Didn't have my camera and would've been too scared of the scary chick to take any photos anyways.

Didn't see the accident. There was a screech of brakes and a loud bang and everyone looked over. A white car was coming out of The Boulevard beside the pub, about 50 yards from the station, and a grey car turning into The Boulevard from Brisbane Water Drive had misjudged the corner.

There was a pause then this woman thrust the top half of her body out of the driver's side window of the white car and started screaming at the grey car. The grey car had pulled up outside the pub. She was really doing her nut. She scrambled out the window and ran for the grey car. I was thinking she was going to rip the driver asunder but enough people were pulling over as well as pouring out of the pub to prevent actual murder.

The cop shop (police station) is just round the corner so the uniforms started showing up pretty quick, a couple of tow trucks came, the fire brigade came to see if they needed to cut anyone's car open and the ambos came screaming down from Point Clare to see if everyone was okay.

When the ambos came it was clear why the woman had gone mental. She had a couple of small kids strapped into those kiddy seats in the back and the driver at fault had caved in the driver's door and the door behind at least six inches. When the ambos had extracted the kids from the back seat you could see the front and back seats had been pushed way out of position by the impact.

The kids were screaming their heads off pretty much from the point of impact so we knew they weren't dead. They looked okay but of course the ambos wanted to take them off to Gosford Hospital for a closer look.

It's a busy corner there at the pub. There's the overflow from the pub carpark, the other pub, the day trippers' cars, the TAB (betting shop) and half a dozen other reasons to be parked there. Plus it's just a few yards from the lights at the station. The traffic was starting to pile up and a small crowd of gawkers had gathered.

Sirens and accidents tend to unnerve the more fragile Dear Old Things and one of them kept asking if the pub was on fire. No amount of pointing at the cars involved would convince her it wasn't and I noticed an ambo take a good look at her to see if she was about to become another customer. Don't know if they ended up popping her in the back of the ambulance. I was too feeble to walk home and had to get on the bus. Bit of excitment on a Wednesday morning. Bloody glad I wasn't the driver of the grey car though. That woman was fierce.

Comments catch-up

Don Chipp has also dropped off the twig and as Belongum points out, so has Colin Thiele, beloved author of Storm Boy. That makes four inside a fortnight. Bloody hell. At least Chipp and Thiele had a good innings. Both in their eighties.

Casade wants to know what I think of what happened to Steve Irwin. I keep thinking about him pulling the stinger out of his heart. He must've known he was going, poor bastard. Hope it was quick.

* Completely Bursar. Nuts. Barmy. Off yer nut. The usual mental state of the Bursar of the Unseen University in Terry Pratchett's Discworld books.


Piggy and Tazzy said...

Yay! I'm first!

"Sirens and accidents tend to unnerve the more fragile Dear Old Things and one of them kept asking if the pub was on fire"

That line made me laugh so much! Isn't it funny, the poor old dears are the same the world over.

I wonder if any of them pissed their knickers too? (the one's without bags that is).

Oh and 'Hello!' - first time here. We'll be back!

jen said...

Oh, that accident scene sounds like a nightmare. Blah, sorry you have been feeling under the weather. How do flu shots work there? Usually (except for last year, when there was a shortage) lots of people get them here, but I take my chances. I am always afraid of the possibility of getting a short flu from the shot itself. Sometimes, though, it really seems like it would be worth it -- once you get it, it takes so long to recover completely. Hope you feel better soon!

Inexplicable DeVice said...

Sounds like she could've done with some Dried Frog Pills.

Good grief! Piggy & Tazzy have made it here, too. Is nowhere sacred? Where are those DFPs when you need them?

Anonymous said...

we enjoy your stories - both of us had a good laugh! Thanks. We read your blog every day. Dolf and Di

pattie said...

you really should get a check up matey....from the dr.
its not good to be ill for so long
get to the point clare drs NOW..
thats an order...........!!!