Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Abandoned house

(Gosford walkies #27)

Cool again this morning. Overcast and grey. Went up to Gosford Hospital. Nothing wrong with me this time (for a fucking change). I was there for moral support. We sat in a slightly scruffy waiting room for an eternity then my mate was made to change into one of those evil bum-displaying gowns and led off to be probed. It was going to be a long wait so I wandered about the hospital grounds for a bit.

Gosford Hospital Gosford

Quiet spot in a 1970s part of the hospital.

Didn't find any pre-1940s buildings. The 1940s ones were fairly large (3 and 4 stories) then there were more large buildings in the seventies, including a hideous Pizza Hut style one down the back. Then a couple of eighties buildings and more in the nineties and noughties. The tallest building was the multistorey carpark down the back.

There were staff education buildings and the like down the back and nurses and so on standing about having a fag and a bloke in a blue and white golf cart rattling about carrying packages from one building to another.


Blooming in the spring warmth beside Showground Road above the railway station. Detailed size.

After the probing we wandered round for a bit. There was an orange tree blossoming in someone's front garden. A warm smell, a lot like orange jessamine but sharper. The jessamine is starting to blossom too and there's some golden wattle still going. The bottlebrushes and Gymea lillies are blooming. Gymea lillies are not common but I've seen a few around. Bradys Gully has a few, there were a couple somewhere near the hospital and there's one at the lights at Woy Woy station.

Derelict house Gosford

This afternoon it's back to blue sky and sun. It's s'posed to be clear until Monday.

This old place was once a home kids would love to grow up in. Big sloping backyard, that nice deep veranda to play on in the hot afternoons. That's a warning notice on the railing, not a development application notice. The windows down the side were broken and there's a fence around it but it was a nice old house once.


Inexplicable DeVice said...

That house looks like it's made of sky.

I'm glad your test results were good - not that I expected anything else :)

Spike said...

So it does.

Ta. And ditto. Stupid doctor :)

House and Land Packages Perth said...

By merely looking at the picture I agree that it's the house that most children would want to live and cherish wonderful memories in their childhood. However, the house do need a renovation to make it look attractive.