Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Much ado about nothing

Just got word back about the
heart monitor test. There's nothing wrong. I'm still ticking over and doing so at the right rate and so on.

So. All that fuss and nonsense for nothing. Jesus.


Anonymous said...

That's good news! Selfish reasons of course - it would be awful to see a blank "this isn't Sydney" page. Wonderful day today for walkies (and mowing the lawn); cool and comfortable. We're off to Woy Woy wharf for fish and chips. Best wishes and good health,
Dolf and Diana

Spike said...

Glorious after that hideous day of fires. Excellent day for fish and chips. Also for a nice long sleep-in, which I had.

pattie said...

Hi Spike
just catching up with the news
glad you went for the check up
and all is well....good.
love the pics ,fish and chip at the wharf sounds good.dont let the pelicans get any ..lol
see you tomorrow..
take care

Spike said...

Everyone - It's been rather a trying time lately but made easier by my internet friends. Thanks for the support :)

Pattie - I have devised a cunning scheme for peaceful fish and chip eating:

1. Buy 2 lots.

2. Set 1 lot down on the ground.

3. Eat the other lot in peace.