Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Railway Street

(Woy Woy walkies)

No Gosford today. Just couldn't be fucked going that far. Wandered gently down Railway Street instead to have a sticky at the building site. They've bunged in the sewerage and pipes and are now spreading the concrete. Not very exciting visually and I forgot my camera anyways. I'll go back in a month and see how far they've got.

Railway Street Woy Woy

This lovely old cottage is a bugger to photograph. Every time I go near Railway Street I nip across and try for a clear photo. This one I got a few weeks ago. It's a circa 1912 house on my hist list. Federation Filigree (circa 1890 - circa 1915) in style.

In the Federation period iron lace went out of fashion and wooden filigree came in to replace it. Partly due to wooden decoration becoming popular in the UK and America and partly due to technology. Steam and then electric lathes meant faster cheaper production of turned timber. The classic example of Federation Filigree is your veranda'd Ausralian country pub.

Railway Street Woy Woy

Same house from the side. All those trees in front are why it's hard to get a decent photo of this place. Usually the photos are too dark. It's a charming old place and I wouldn't mind moving in there.


Aesthetic said...

Nice house.

pattie said...

glad you went to the dr.s
well done....

Spike said...

Aesthetic - Isn't it but. I might move in there when they're not looking.

Pattie - I'm a good dog. Sometimes.