Thursday, September 07, 2006

Gloria in Excelsis Metero

It's a beautiful day here in Woy Woy. Last night I opened the curtains wide and watched a storm rumble round the sky. The rain fell steadily and, when the storm finished, the sound of it pattering on next door's garbage bin sent me off into deep and dreamless sleep.

It was still raining this morning. I laid there under my quilt for a few minutes listening to the wind pushing the rain across the rooftops and spattering it against my windows. It's still dark and raining now at 9AM, the bucket on my balcony is half full and my plants have all lifted their faces up to the heavens to be washed clean of the drought's dust.

It's too wet to walk. I'm staying home to enjoy the weather properly. Meanwhile, here's a pub in Gosford I photographed a while back.

Hotel Gosford from Baker Street Gosford

Hotel Gosford on Mann Street, taken from the Baker Street carpark. That's Mann Street in front of the pub and Erina Street going up to its right. The hill behind is Rumbalara Reserve. You can also see a bit of Henry Parry Drive there in the upper right corner. (Annotated photo.)

Built in 1926. Nice solid pub in the centre of Gosford. Just across the road from the train, a short stagger from the teller machine and two blocks from Kibble Park. (Map.)

There's some decent interior photos on the pub's own site. The restored twenties decor in the bedrooms looks pleasant. I've got the names of the original licensee and the builder somewhere but I'm buggered if I can find them.

Hotel Gosford from Erina Street Gosford

Taken from Imperial Arcade on the corner of Mann Street and Erina Street. Erina Street in the foreground, Mann Street at the lights. The hospital (across the railway on the hill) and the railway station are obscured by the roof of the pub. The trees to the right of the roof are in the wee drunkard's park in front of the railway station. Kibble Park is two blocks to the left of this photo and back one block. (Annotated photo.)


Aesthetic said...

"It's too wet to walk."

Ha, I went this morning, in the rain. I thought, "Surely the beach will be all mine, mine, mine"... but no, clubbies with like fortitude were out and training.

Inexplicable DeVice said...

I see you haven't learned the anti-clockwise spin yet.

I don't know why I bother...

* sigh *

pattie said...

you sound a lot better
thats good..
lovely report today
thank you...........

Spike said...

Aesthetic - You determined thing you. A pox upon clubbies. I enjoyed the rain from the safety of my own bed. Very nice it was too.

Device dear - Ah. No wonder it wasn't working. I just ended up crashing into the telly.

Pattie - Ta. I was sounding better. It was pleasant. Back to the doctor now, sod it.