Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Etna Street

(Gosford walkies #25)

Etna Street North Gosford

Nice nineties or noughties terraces at the back end of Etna Street on the North Gosford side. Go up Etna from Pacific Highway/Mann Street, over the hill and across Henry Parry Drive.

I like the colours, cream and grey and that orange jessamine along the front wall will make a lovely fragrant hedge when it grows up.

Dwyer Street North Gosford

These terraces were nice as well. Dwyer Street North Gosford, across the road from Bradys Gully Cemetery on Henry Parry Drive.

Those dark square patches on the front walls of the terraces are wooden lattice and behind them there's a wee courtyard, small enough for easy maintenance but plenty big enough for outdoor life. Very pleasant.

Etna Street Gosford

Former house, now a doctors' surgery in Etna Street on the Gosford side of the street. (The other side is North Gosford.) Etna Street is down the hill and across the railway from Gosford Hospital and there's three or four doctors' surgeries in it.

Jarrett Street North Gosford

Don't see many of these old garden animal statues round the area. This is the first one I've seen I think.

There was a garden full of animal statues near my school when I was a kid. It fascinated us so much we always missed the bus-stop.

22 degrees (73 F) here this afternoon and a nice strong cool breeze. It turned nice and chilly again about five this morning. S'posed to rain this afternoon but there's not a cloud in the sky.

Thanks everyone for your cheering comments while I was sick. It was very nice. And thanks Michael for the emailed local photos link.


michael said...

your welcome mate


Casade said...

That first house is really nice.

Hey abit off topic but hope you dont mind answering it, what did you think about what happened to The Croc Hunter, Steve Irwin?