Monday, September 11, 2006



Jesus. Five years since September the 11th. Seems like only yesterday. I won't be watching it on the telly. 1. because it's too fucking depressing and 2. my telly's on the fucking blink.

Death stalks famous Australians

Fuck. First Steve Irwin gets it from a stingray then Brockie pops off.

For my non-Australian readers, Brockie is way more famous in his home country than Irwin. Brockie was a racing car champion. Very butch.

Irwin we knew was more famous outside Australia but we had no idea how famous until he kicked it. Took over where Hoges left off by all accounts.

It's that man again

Off to the doctor again today. Jesus, I'm sick of that bugger's face. I was better and now I'm going down for the third time with this fucking flu crap. Very pissed off.


Aesthetic said...

I felt sick when I heard about Brockie. I spent a lot of time on a certain mountain worshipping that man when I was a kid.

Get well soon.

Belongum said...

Another great was lost last week too... but his time at least seemed not to be cut all that short as such - nor did he die quite so traumatically.

"Storm Boy" now stands alone - without an author... Colin Thiele died from associated complications with his heart at 85.

Three great Aussies - gone in a week. What a crap week it was.