Thursday, October 12, 2006

Moore Street

(Gosford every street walkies #30)

Cape Street South Gosford

Cape Street South, Gosford. Fifties house hidden amongst the undergrowth in a tiny street off Pacific Highway, near the Showground Road/railway overpass roundabout.

The house looks tiny but there's a big addition out the back built in the seventies or eighties from what I could see.

Fagans Bay from the corner of Batley & Wilhemina Streets West Gosford

Fagans Bay from the corner of Batley & Wilhemina Streets West Gosford. Looking down the slope of Presidents Hill, just down from The Castle.

Moore Street West Gosford

Moore Street West Gosford. Lovely sky coloured bungalow a few metres up the road from the new flats (below).

Atrium Apartments Moore Street

Atrium Apartments Moore Street. Ten bucks says the little old streets between Presidents Hill and the Pacific Highway (West Gosford/Gosford) get filled up with flats in the next ten years.

These are pleasant enough. Can't remember the price. It was some gobsmacking amount. There was another block of flats in next street (Batley Street) which didn't look half as good.

It was bloody warm again today. 33 (86 F) I heard. The sky was clear blue and there wasn't much breeze when I set out. I cooked a bit but there was a bit of good shade here and there. Looks like we've skipped spring and gone straight to summer. Might have to walk at the arse-crack of dawn to keep cool.

Bushfire news

Bushfires rage across four states, including one an hour up the road from me, near Lake Macquarie, and one on Kangaroo Island (South Australia) where my eggs come from.

Valley Guy at Flickr has a photo of a bushfire survivor, a blue-tongue lizard and an excellent one of a water-bomber chopper from the January fires in Victoria (the state below NSW).

Peter has some photos of the Sydney fire last weekend and a fire video from last month.

Brown underpants moment

Nasty time in New York today (or yesterday, bloody time zones) with that plane crash. Saw a bit of it on the telly. Some bloke having a bit of a cry, poor thing, remembering being on the streets when the twin towers were hit. Some baseball guy and his instructor got killed and doctors all over New York will be prescribing tranquillisers for the next month.

Speaking of NYC, here's a much more cheerful article about secret rooms which I nicked from Peter.

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