Monday, October 16, 2006

Pretty sparks

Bloody hot here over the weekend. 38 fucking degrees (100 F). Same as that heatwave in England and Europe a couple of months back. Haven't heard about any deaths from it here though. We're used to it. The Dear Old Things shut themselves indoors with a damp cloth on the backs of their necks and the fan blowing up their jaxsie and ride it out.

I was indoors as well, fan on full blast, feet in a bucket of water. By lunchtime Friday it was too fucking hot to go anywhere. Luckily, none of the Dear Old Things nearby was carted away in an ambulance. They tend to wait until Christmas or Wednesday evenings to have a stroke or whatever.

We had plenty of bushfires. But a cool change came through Saturday night and yesterday was bliss. Cool and grey and it even rained. Barely enough to wet a lizard but it was cool and wet and helped control the fires and produced some pretty sparks on powerlines in Sydney.

Heard about Hawaii's earthquake. 6.5 or 6.6 they're saying, and one aftershock as big as 5.8. Fuck. I don't call that an aftershock, I call that a whole 'nother fucking quake. The power's still out from what I understand. Poor buggers.


The coppers (cops) are patrolling two or three beaches in Sydney this summer after the crap on Saturday. It's not certain yet but it looks like there was another racist attack. Charming.

I blame that fuckwit Howard. He's always weaseled out of condemning racism and he recently made some stupid fucking crack about Muslims. Way to go, weasel, single out the group really copping it right now and have a go at them instead of answering for your evil fucking industrial relations reform. Gutless prick.

Seriously, Howard scares the shit out of me. I'm not a very political animal but he's turning my country into a shitheap. Not happy, John.

Good news

Got a big job of work finished this morning.


Aesthetic said...

Mate, "...big job of work..." invoked the funniest image of you taking a crap... good job Spike!

Inexplicable DeVice said...

I'm glad it wasn't just me that had that image, then...

Suzanne said...

Not me - I was stuck on "jaxsie" - no ductionary link for that one?

Spike said...

Aesthetic, LOL. Now you point it out.

*passing brain cleaning device to Device dear*

Suzanne, no Ducktionary link for jaxsie (or
Jaksi). It's a Pommy word for arsehole, reputed to have been adopted by British soldiers after an Indian town they served in during the 18th or 19th century and dubbed a shithole.

Thought it was the name of a Carry On fillum (60s vintage, shown on Aunty in the Very Late and Creaky movie slot). But it turns out to have been called Carry On Up The Kyhber, which is the same thing anyways. There's also a character in the fillum called Khasi, which is Pommy slang for the toilet.

Anonymous said...

So drunken working class males are not going to bash other ethnic groups just because John Howard tells them not to.

Spike said...

They don't need encouragement from someone who's s'posed to lead a good example.