Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Talinga Avenue

(Random walkies)

Cnr Brisbane Water Drive & Talinga Avenue Point Clare

(Taken last weekend by a mate.)

These buildings or the old shops and houses in the photos below may be demolished.

Michael saw something in the Express about old buildings at Point Clare being demolished to make way for another bloody supermarket.

I got my fingers crossed it'll be just the fugly seventies building housing the takeaway and the fish shop. There's a carpark behind that one.

Cnr Brisbane Water Drive & Talinga Avenue Point Clare

(Taken last weekend by a mate.)


(Taken last year by me.)

Look for them opposite Point Clare station on Brisbane Water Drive at the Talinga Avenue lights.

Talinga Avenue Point Clare


pattie said...

Here we go again........LOL
guess what.........I stayed just up the road from the station
other side of road......!!
and they were painting that little
shopnest to the bus stop.......is it a second hand shop now??
it was an estate agents I think before...??of course there is a much bigger estate agents
near the little shopping centre.??
and the place with all the writing on it
was being painted just before we left in march.......
the new chemist is good too.!!!
get alsorts in there....
better get some shots of that..LOL.
cheers Spike..Like I said....just like being there for me....
great stuff.......

Anonymous said...

My nostalgia even baulks at the fugly 70's.

jen said...

That takeaway/fish store building is pretty ugly, but I do enjoy juxtapositions of shops like this. Hmmm, let's see, I can make one trip to get dinner AND stock up on goldfish food...

Michael said...

its not the fish shop thats getting demolished its the buildings thats in the second and third photos that are going to make way for Aldi


Spike said...

Pattie - LOL. Not sure if it's selling second hand clothes now but definitely clothes. Before that it was an art gallery/shop for a few months and it was empty for maybe six months between that and the previous occupant, which either came before or was the real estate.

Yep, Ray White is the other real estate, a few shops along in an old white bungalow.

The graffittied place is Theroy's. I remember the March painting. They were trying to flog it then. It stayed ungraffittied for a couple of months. It's a charming little building.

That new chemist I've never been in but I noticed it's got a ramp so the Dear Old Things must like it.

Yer welcome.

Aesthetic & Jen - LOL.

Jen - That lot of shops along there gives a bit of a potted history of Brisbane Water's white settlement in the 20th century.

Tell you what,if they threw in a pack of condoms and a video they'd be knocking customers back with a stick.

Michael - Bugger. I hoped the fugly 70s one was going to cop it.

Michael said...

Spike - I drove past that little shop yesterday I think it sells "Vintage" clothing or whatever the hell they define as "vintage"


Belongum said...

Spike - what Jen said... you gotta have a laugh at the businesses that take up residence next to each other.

Now you KNOW what happen's to the BAD fish in that shop - they get "Next Door" threat happening... the old: "Don't mess up your tank their Nemo, or I'll just have to take you NEXT DOOR!"

Fish cakes anyone???

Fugly was the damn wallpaper that often came with those buildings - man they were scary! Thank christ lighting was so poor then... we'd have tons of scarred children trying to scratch their retina's out - STILL!


Cheers Spike ;-)

Spike said...

Micheal - Yers. Vintage seems to lay somewhere between used and secondhand.

Belongum - LOL at the bad fish threat.

I remember that wallpaper. The local Chinese had a hideous red and gold number and the red bits were raised and sort of velvetty but coated with a fine grease from the cooking.