Saturday, October 07, 2006

Old & new

(Random walkies)

Creighton's Mann Street Gosford

Remember the Art Deco funeral director's? I blogged it in May. Finally got a look at its nice old plaster ceiling (photo below).

Go along Mann Street to the corner of Georgiana Terrace and it's the pink building on the corner. If you can't see it you're legally blind.

Creighton's Mann Street Gosford

Embiggulate for ceiling detail.

Can't find any reference to the ceiling of the first floor. All the Australian Heritage Database has to say about Creighton's ceilings is that the chapel on the ground floor has "simple rendered walls and fibrous plaster ceiling" and that "the upper floor contain[s] a residence and is still occupied by Mr Craig McDonald, a member of the Creighton family."

Craig, if you're reading this, pop up a photo of yer ceiling, mate.

Mann Street Gosford

Flats finished in the last few weeks. They are just a few doors along from Jephson's Corner.

They must have a pretty clear view over Brisbane Water all the way to Lion Island and are close to all mod cons so they should sell orright.

Back to blue sky today. Warm and a nice cool breeze. Unfortunately I can smell bushfire as I type. Can't see the smoke yet but that breeze is coming from the north-east. The seaplane just went over. Maybe he'll post a photo.

We had some fires up this way a few days ago. They caught the bastard, thank christ. Hope he gets 10 years.


Michael said...

did you see yesterdays express newspaper? theres a story in there about Aldi opening up at Point Clare, appently they are going to build it on the corner of brisbane water drive and Talinga Ave they are building it there becuase they couldnt find a big enough space down our way to build one


Spike said...

Didn't see it. Are they knocking down anything nice to get the space?

michael said...

havent really taken much notice on whats there i think there is an old house there somewhere but they will be knocking down those little shops near the bus stop and possibly the old chemist shop and whatever is behind those maybe next time you go for a wander you should check it out

Spike said...

Sounds like a plan. Just remembered what's there. Ta for the heads up.