Monday, November 27, 2006

Empire Bay strikes back

Well, okay, it doesn't strike back. I was just stuck for a title. It's a beautifully cool day today, overcast and a cool breeze, same as yesterday. But like all bar three days this month, a crap day for photos. So, once again, here's some I made earlier.

Empire Bay foreshore

Empire Bay foreshore. Looking east towards what looked like a nice storm brewing but turned out to be nowt. That's Kincumber South/Bensville on the left, on the eastern shore of the bit before the Kincumber Broadwater.

It was quiet. A couple of seagulls came to inspect us, a dog dragging its owner chased the seagulls off and cocked its leg on our seat, a couple of boats putted slowly down the channel.

Empire Bay foreshore

Looking north-west to Saratoga (the hill) and Davistown (to its right). In the distance between them, Gosford can be glimpsed.

Empire Bay foreshore

Oyster boat at tied up near the ferry wharf. Brisbane Water is chockers with oyster and mussel farms. How'd you be working on an oyster farm? Out on the water instead of cooped up in an office. Brilliant.

There's a storm forecast for today. Doesn't look like it's coming. It's just overcast. Been overcast for weeks and fuck all rain.

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