Monday, November 20, 2006

Welcome to Woy Woy

(Random walkies)

Woy Woy Railway Station Railway Street Woy Woy

"Welcome to Woy Woy" it says in the middle.

A mural (or muriel, for Pratchett fans) at the southern end of the station, near the lift. The bus station is behind the wall and those faint chimneys belong to the Masonic Hall across Railway Street.

The train on the left is older and has yank-open doors. It's rather fun to watch tourists yanking at them open before the train has fully stopped and the master release released them.

The train on the right is the oft-loathed Tangara, a Sydney commuter train. Just as well the doors were painted yellow. They're flush with the sides of the carriages and Dear Old Things couldn't find them by sight or feel.

A ride in the Tangara is akin to a ride in a plastic box with someone else's cheese and pickle sandwiches. They have a stale plasticky feel to them and you feel a bit doomed when you see the notice on the door that says not to attempt to get out if there's a fire.

Warm and sticky this morning. Good thing when one is engaged in rumpy pumpy, not so good for walkies. Went up to Gosford but didn't walk there. Wandered about in Woy Woy for a few minutes after that, had a coffee in a cafe and came home with a large apple turnover for my lunch. I'm livin' la vida loca.


Anonymous said...

Hi Spike
Is that mural new? I will make a special effort to visit Woy Woy station to see if I remember it - if its been there forever then I must be well on my way to joining the DOT brigade.

Have you ever written a story about The Garden of Adin or Aden in Woy Woy?

Anonymous said...

What about for walkies involing a bit of "rumpy pumpy"? ;)

Belongum said...

Muriel - ahhh yes... I do enjoy Terry Pratchett ;-)

Laughed out loud at the image you conjured in my head about what I should expect as a train ride out that way! I remember cheese and pickle sandwiches in the playground at school... they were never an overly enticing thing - good as a makeshift missile though... one many a lunch time 'food fight' with a hefty one of those!

Got a good smacking for it too!

Cheers mate ;-)

Belongum said...

Oh my brain hurts - WON not ONE... *sighhhhhhh*

It's going ot be one of those days...

michael said...

If you think the tangaras are bad wait until the new oscars carriages start running!!!

Spike said...

Diana - In the flesh the mural looked perhaps 5 years old. I've never noticed it before I took that photo.

No I didn't write The Garden of Adin but ta for the heads up. A good snippet to add to my local history notes.

Aesthetic - LOL. That would be a whole new volume of the Karma Sutra or however it's spelt.

Belongum - Who's yer favourite Discworld character?

My god, I'd forgotten the sandwiches fights. Fond memories, except of the ham and mustard.

Michael - Oscars carriages? Does this mean we have to clap while tedious celebs clutch golden statuettes and twitter on thanking their dogs &c?

Belongum said...

Hands down Spike - it would have to be Sam Vimes! I like the way he views the world - and it seems so familiar at times, given my past background. I'll call DEATH as my next favourite character mate, Mort and The Five Horsemen were good fun.

Ham and mustard - ACK... my face must have been a sight to see the first time someone shared one of those with me - the hot english mustard - nothing burns up the back of you nasal passage quite like that hot mustard eh?!

My eyes are watering thinking about it! ;-)

Michael said...

You can if you want to spike

Outer Suburban CARriages - oscar

Spike said...

Belongum - Ooh yeah. Mustard up the snout is not soon forgotten.

I liked Vimes when he was still a bit of a pisshead. Gone off him since. Rincewind is my all time favourite with Granny Weatherwax and Death running second and third. Can't remember Mort. The name yes, the character no.

Michael - Nah. I'll pass ta :) Nice acronym usage on the carriages but.