Thursday, November 02, 2006

Purple bits

(Random walkies)

Walked in Woy Woy today. Went down to Umina, in amongst the slow overgrown creeks behind the beach. It was a hot sticky walk. Hardly any breeze and the mercury climbing up to 32 (90 Farenheit). I plodded along under my hat sniffing at other people's gardens as the clouds slowly closed in again.

Brisbane Avenue Umina

Jasmine climber on someon's front gate. When the sun hits the flowers the scent of jasmine hangs heavy over the Peninsula. Brisbane Avenue Umina.

Brisbane Avenue Umina

Beautiful soft trumpet-like flowers. They fall and make a purple carpet under the tree. When the leaves come jacarandas make good shade.

Mount Ettalong Road Umina

Iris or something by the footpath. Pretty sure it's a native.

Ettalong Creek Wetland Reserve Mount Ettalong Road Umina

Heard the kookaburras as I was walking past this patch of bush (wild forest). Ettalong Creek Wetland Reserve Mount Ettalong Road Umina. From Ocean Beach Road follow the traffic down Sydney Avenue and Hobart Avenue to Mount Ettalong Road.


Anonymous said...

Nice day for walkies down here also.

pattie said...

Thank you

Inexplicable DeVice said...

I've never seen an iris quite like that one - it's beautifully distinctive.

Suzanne said...

Beautiful pics. BTW, Spike, if you're still into dogs (and you can just get your mind out of the gutter, i.d.) there's a set of lovely dog photos at
I think the photographer's Canadian.

jen said...

Oh, love those jacarandas and the purple carpets they create.

Qenny said...

Gorgeous pics!

Nature bends so willingly to these lovely, modern digital cameras with their great macro functions. Innit.

Spike said...

Aesthetic - Excellent. How goes the running? Or is that runnies?

Pattie - Yer welcome :)

Device dear - Strangely geometric is it not? But I had a feel and it was the real deal. (Unlike that bloke at the pub the other night.)

Suzanne - Excellent doggy link, ta. Love that first photo.

Jen - Beautiful trees jacarandas. Did you used to stick your face up under those lovely soft leaves and swish them back and forward across your face too? I got into trouble for that. Sorta precursor to tea-bagging.

Qenny - Ta very much. It does. Can't think how I survived with just that much-dropped instamatic I had.

Everyone - Those evil blog haijackers had a go at mine this morning. Kick them in the balls from me if you see them.

Suzanne said...

This is SO embarrassing - I thought tea-bagging was something completely different.

Spike said...


Erica said...

Hi Spike - the iris thingy is a dietes from South Africa
good street planting but a b... to let loose in your backyard

went to visit my sis in law at Wyoming and was telling her about all the buildings in Gosford, she can't understand how I know so much about what is going on up there.....VBG

Spike said...

Erica, ta muchly for the link.

I notice Burke leaves out all mention of their weed status, the beast.