Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Kendall Street

Lovely and cool for walkies today but a crap day for photos. Way too dark. Just as well I had a few more blue sky photos squirreled away. These ones were taken a couple of streets apart and perhaps five hundred yards from Gosford Hospital.

St. George Street Gosford

Some nice profiles in St. George Street. Couldn't get a decent shot of the fronts of these houses due to the trees.

That's Presidents Hill in the background.

Kendall Street Gosford

Nice profiles going up the hill in the direction of the hospital.

It looks like a quiet street from this angle but you can't see the public carpark that is the other side of the road. Not residents' cars I think but peeps who didn't get a park in the multi-storey carpark next to the train station.

Kendall Street Gosford

Pleasant old bungalow on Kendall Street Gosford.

The roof isn't distinctive as is common in the Federation Bungalow (circa 1890 - c.1915) and Inter War California Bungalow (c. 1915 - c. 1940) styles. Could be a 1915 - 1940 renovation of an older house.

Kendall Street Gosford

Boarded up house in Kendall Street Gosford, near the hospital. I'll go back on a month or three and see if it's been demolished and a thingo of units bunged up in its place.

St. George Street Gosford

Mynah bird taking flight from a flowering vine in St. George Street Gosford.

Mynahs are curious buggers. Put something out in the backyard and they'll all come and have a look at it. They're also rather fond of pulling all the pegs off your washing so it falls on the ground. They're an exotic species and come from eastern Asia.

Plants and animals in Australia are divided into exotic and native. Exotics are introduced species brought in by white settlers in colonial times (1788-1901) or later. The most infamous introduced species is the humble rabbit. It eats native species out of house and home.

Worser and worser

We're not in a one in one hundred year drought after all. It's a one in one thousand years.

Send water!


Anonymous said...

I like that shot of the Mynah.

Anonymous said...

Seattle recorded its third heaviest rain recorded in one day last Monday.

Now if there was a pipe.....

Michael said...

we can just get it from newcastle they have 85% storage and no water restrictions!!!

Spike said...

Aesthetic - Ditto. It was one of those lucky shots.

Ron - You lucky buggers!

Michael - The bastards! We must be sucking up to the wrong gods.

Dodderyoldfart said...

Sending brown paper parcel, best NZ Rainwater, please return string ...

Spike said...

Water received with gratitude. Went down a treat with the whisky. Also put some on garden. String on way back.

Anonymous said...

The bird in the picture is a native "Miner" bird, not the invasive "Mynah" bird.