Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Weird weather in Woy Woy

(Random walkies)

Hot and sweaty this morning. By 8AM the cicadas were at it but the forecast was for 24 (67 F). Weird. But I thought fuck it and set off on my walkies.

It got weirder. The sky was blue and there was a cloud front on the southern horizon. That'll come over by this afternoon, my fellow bus-riders were saying. But 10 minutes later the whole bloody sky was overcast. The front came in fast as fuck and with it a hard gusting wind. Dear Old Things were being blown off the pavement, dogs were yelping, shop signs were crashing and sliding about everywhere.

Brisbane Water Drive & Parks Bay from Woy Woy Wharf Woy Woy

Dunno if the cloud was just low cloud or if it was sea mist. This is it laying low over Parks Bay at 9.30. The road is Brisbane Water Drive.

Koolewong & Point Clare from Woy Woy 29th November 2006


Took these photos 15 seconds apart (at 9.30). The cloud was coming in so fast and low it obscured Point Clare (background) in fifeteen fucking seconds.

It's still gusting fairly hard this afternoon and I'm loving it.


Anonymous said...

YouTube no workie.

But yes. Storms are exciting.

Stay safe.

Suzanne said...

Dear Old Things were being blown off the pavement, dogs were yelping, shop signs were crashing and sliding about everywhere.

Holy cow!

Inexplicable DeVice said...

Pardon me! Must've been that extra pickle...

Michael said...

I saw that change coming through too it came really low over blackwall mountain almost to the ground - didnt last long I didnt think it was low cloud because cloud doesnt get that low so i think it must have been the sea fog

just off topic for a sec - I saw the first christmas lights of the season on monday night 6 or 7 houses in one section of the street near my place had them on

Anonymous said...

I was riding my bike near mac Uni which is kind of on a ridge and saw the front approaching. The leading edge was touching the ground and was a rolling mist / cloud. Leaves and bark and litter were being tossed up into the air behind it. When it hit the temp dropped ~10° and teh ferocious wind meant my sped went from 40k+ down the hill to less than 20

Spike said...

Ron - Bugger. And Blogger's arsing about as well.

They are. These global warmimg peeps keep on about more storms like it's a bad thing.

Suzanne - Quite so.

Device dear - Wondered what that whiff was. Mwha.

Michael - Get a photo?

What's with these buggers who can't wait for Christmas? Barmy. On the other hand, the lights are pretty.

Stephen - Sounds like a cool view of it.

On Aunty last night they showed it blanking out Sydney Harbour. Stopped the ferries and shit. They said it was sea fog and "highly unusual".

Michael said...

no i didnt get a photo i wish i did - not having much luck with getting photos lately This morning I went to get a couple of photos of one of those new OSCAR trains I mentioned in another post it was due thru gosford at 9.20 it woud have come through woy woy about half past nine so i went up to that park at the railway crossing to get some pics I stayed there until 10 and still no train so I started driving up railway street toward the station and sure enough the bloody thing comes roaring thru the station on its way to sydney - bugger!!!

Spike said...

The bastard!

I've got no trainspotting luck neither. Stood on the station for an hour one time waiting for the 3801 and the sod did the same bloody thing heading to Newcastle.

J&QSaveSYRIA said...

Weird planes being heard all night near Blackwall Mountain and the changes of an afternoon are too rapid to be REAL CLOUDS......since they have been playing with our weather here we are SICK! My dog has tumours all over him my birds now heavy breathe and I have been housebound for 2 years with my central nervous system being attacked everytime they spray. My lungs are showing an inflammation and in 2 years the drs and tests reveal nothing. A man in Qld tested his rainwater and it contained Barium and Aluminium which it appears may be the CAUSE making me and my mum so sick now. Nearly all birds that came into my care last year as a Wildlife carer dies from NEUROLOGICAL problems and it only seemed to be the Woy WOy Ettalong Blackwall and Booker Bay regions. Are they posioning us while playing with our weather?????