Monday, November 06, 2006


Beautiful weekend. Wet and grey and windy and cool. 18 degrees (62.5 F). Laid out on the balcony in a wooly jumper with a beer and watched the wind. Lovely.

It started out that way again today so I cancelled today's walkies. Then of course, the sun comes out. It was only kidding though. It's still lovely and cool and windy and we might get a bit more rain.

Rosemont Village Road Saratoga

Took these photos god knows when. Last year maybe. Forgot the buggers completely.

The house is called 'Rosemont' and it's on Village Road Saratoga on the Saratoga/Davistown peninsula, which is just across the water from Woy Woy. Rosemont is on the northern side of the hill and on a gentle slope.

Before the houses across the road were built, you could've sat on that veranda and had an uninterrupted view across to Longnose (Point Frederick) and Gosford (map). In this photo you can see about half the land the house is on. There's more to the left out of frame.

Get the ferry from Woy Woy Wharf, get off at Central Wharf (Davistown) and walk up Davistown Road, turn left into High Street then right into Martin Crescent and downhill to the corner of Village Road. If you're driving come off Avoca Drive onto Davistown Road at the Green Point/Yattalunga roundabout, go right into Jirramba venue, left into Centennial Avenue, left into Mimosa Avenue and right into Village Road.

Rosemont Village Road Saratoga

Federation Queen Anne (circa 1890 - c.1915) was "the dominant style in Australian domestic architecture during the decades immediately before and after 1900". Queen Anne usually isn't symmetrical like Rosemont is but everything else about it says Queen Anne so I'm happy.

Haven't done any research on this one yet. Nothing on the net about it except a Development Application in Gosford City Council's minutes for October 2006 that gets approval for a "dwelling addition, garage and fence". Looks like that'll be happening on the back right corner of the land, as seen in the photo.

Come back on Wednesday or I'll rip yer bloody arms orf!


Callisto said...

Now that, is a beautiful house!

(My alter ego has made a return - Aesthetic)

Suzanne said...

If there were people around, women on the porch in rocking chairs and kids hanging off the railing and chasing each other around the yard, it would look like a wonderful benevolent house, but deserted like that it almost looks ominously malevolent to me.

Anonymous said...

I'm happy to read you decided to skip the walkie and have a beer and watch the wind instead.

You give me hope that I too may become well balanced in all things!

Lead on!

Spike said...

Callisto/Aesthetic - Indeed. It's on my list of Houses To Move Into When Their Owners Drop Dead.

Suzanne - You been watching too many Halloween movies :)

Looks like it's one of the many Central Coast's rich bastards' holiday houses. Wankers!

Ron - Will lead on when the hangover wears off.

GrapeNut said...

Love the architecture! Should be starting our walk this weekend....

Spike said...

Excellent. Caleb whetted my appetite for NYC walkies pictures. Looking forwayd to yours.