Monday, November 13, 2006

Piles Creek

(Random walkies)

Piles Creek Girrakool

Piles Creek Girrakool. Near one of the old quarries I blogged the other week.

Turn off the Pacific Highway at Quarry Road and go under the F3 Motorway (Sydney to Newcastle) to the picnic area carpark. Or turn left off the Great North Walk at the appropriate sign. Follow the signs for the creek lookout.

Piles Creek Girrakool

The Piles Creek gully from a bit further along the track. There's a couple of lookouts, one right beside the waterfall.

It's a beautiful spot. The trees block the sound of the F3 and it looks like you're in the middle of nowhere. There's just the sounds of the bush and the waterfall falling into its pool below. We stood at the lookout and just zoned out watching it for a while.

We didn't go much further along the track. The heat had the flies out in droves and it was getting bloody muggy.

It started out blue sky this morning. By the time we were back in Woy Woy it was overcast and a storm had come over. The thunder was cracking right above our heads. It rained a bit and then the hail came. We shot in under the Post Office roof. The stuff was coming down hard and fast as buckshot. It was bouncing on the road and everyone was standing under the shop verandas watching it. It got so loud even the text-happy teenager looked up open-mouthed from his mobile (phone). There was a bolt of lightning somewhere very close by and the wind gusted harder. Then it and the hail died away and the storm moved on. And now it's blue sky again.


Inexplicable DeVice said...

Wow! What an incredible view. That's exactly how I'd like my back garden to look.

Although, I wouldn't want the heat or the flies.

Michael said...

i was sitting in the waiting room at the dentists at woy woy hospital yesterday when the hail hit i was hoping the car wasnt going to get damaged by the hail but thankfully it didnt

Spike said...

Device dear - Yers, flies ain't as scary as fairies but so many more of them. However, tying a few sprigs of lavender to one's bridle works a treat.

Michael - It was bloody sudden wasn't it. Didn't even see the sky go green.

Did the dentist mangle you and your wallet terribly?

Michael said...

no spike, all they did was take Xrays of my teeth (that was bad enough) they won't take my tooth out there so i have to go another dentist in woy woy next monday to get it taken out

Spike said...

Ouch, Michael. Dunno which is worse, the taking out or the waiting.

Michael said...

waiting wasnt so bad it didnt take me as long as i thought it would to get an actual appointment

Spike said...

Optometrists and dentists like to book you in quick before you chicken out.

Mind you I've managed to avoid the dentist since I left school.

michael said...

everythings fine now just been to the dentist and it turns out i got a filling instead of it being yanked out didnt hurt a bit but they must have used some kick ass anastetic becuase my mouth is still numb!!!!

Spike said...

That'll make it tricky getting the beer in the right hole.