Friday, November 10, 2006

Mangrove forest

(Gosford walkies #32)

Mangrove forest walk West Gosford

There's a boardwalk through the mangroves beside Adcock Park. It's a short walk but a pleasant one. The ducks stared out at us from the dappled shade and a couple of teenage ducklings quacked. The mangroves are just starting to flower. The flowers are tiny creamy white things with a faint perfume. It's sunny again today and the tide was half out. Small patches of seaweed around the shore started to steam and stink in the sun. We hurried round to the pub for a nice cold one.

The walk is opposite the corner of Moore Street and the Pacific Highway, between the overpass into Gosford and the bridge over Narara Creek. Park in Moore Street.

On the way home we saw ninety eight flowering jacarandas. I counted them. They'd make a lovely forest.


Suzanne said...

My god, how beautiful.

Inexplicable DeVice said...

It is quite delightful.

See the white tree stump in the bottom right? Well, the bit of stump on the left looks like two dolphins about to leap out of the, uh... ground.

Callisto said...

Those jacarandas are beautiful at the moment aren't they? And they are everywhere.

pattie said...

oh the memories

thanks once more



Spike said...

Suzanne - Innit. I love these little snippets of wilderness beside the road.

Device dear - Yers. They look rather ecstatic. Can't imagine what they were doing.

Callisto - You got heaps down in Pittwater too?

An aerial shot taken this week would be rather pleasant. All purple and green and blue with the trees and the bush and the water.

Patty, yer welcome.