Monday, March 13, 2006


Didn't see many fifties houses today. I walked on the south side of Ocean Beach Road and it's mostly forties and seventies there, with clumps of new units along the main road.

Ocean Beach Road
(Big version)

Got it at last. This one's been on my hit list for a while. I see it every time I go down Ocean Beach Road. The combination of fifties and iron lace is quite startling in the flesh. These people really would be happier in a nice old cottage.

The facade has come off worse in the deal too. That window above the door probably makes a huge difference to the light inside but it just looks weird. The purple thing on the right window appeared to be painted wood or metal blocking the window completely rather than an awning.

50s or 70s or reno?
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This place had me puzzled for a while and I'm still not sure about the veranda. The front part of the veranda, with the lower roof, is clearly an eighties or nineties add-on. What's got me stumped is the higher part of the veranda.

Was the brick frontage inserted into the existing roofline of a fifties house or was the higher part of the veranda added after the brick using fifties materials? I'm calling the main part of the house fifties rather than seventies due to the fifties depth of the eaves and the age of the garage (below).

50s or 70s or reno?
(Big version

Blasted tree. Very inconveniently placed for my photo. Anyways. The pitch on the roof of that garage suggests that this house is not seventies as its front (above) suggests but fifties with a careful seventies reno. What say you?

Blue 50s cabin
(Big version)

It's rare to get a clear view of a cabin. This one was worth the inclusion of the fence. I like for its colour. I remember that colour from somewhere in my Nana's house.

It was a quiet walk today. Hardly a dog to be found. Normally when I'm walking streets or lanes the local dogs go berserk behind their fences. They're bored stupid and like to make the most of a stranger in their midst. Today there was one barker and one silent mutt that poked its tiny head through the fence hopefully and that was it.

To make up for it there was a rich odour of dog shit rising from one backyard. Either they've got a dozen dogs, they never pick it up or they're buying it by the kilo to use as fertiliser.

A block along there was a faint scent of orange jessamine. They're almost finished now, more's the pity. The frangipanni are still going strong all over the Peninsula and the flowering gums as well. There's still a fair amount of roses and grevillea or whatever they're called but not much else. The next big flowering will be the Magnolia denudata in late winter.

Walked further than I expected. It was hot but there was a bit of shade in the lanes. Didn't stop much either so I got into that nice rhythmic stride you get in a decent walk.


Kelley said...

Hi there, I have just been checking out heaps of you photos - I grew up around Umina and have really enjoyed looking at such familiar photos!! Keep up the gorgeous pics!!!!

Spike said...

Thanks. I will.

Got any Umina/Peninsula photos for a link?