Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Foot of the Mountain

(Woy Woy walk #86)

Cut this morning's walk short halfway through. It was steamy as hell again and baking hot in the sun. At 8AM it was lovely and cool and last night I slept under a sheet for the first time in two months.

Did a few lanes round the foot of Blackwall Mountain. Saw a lovely fifties house. Nice condition, smart paintjob, good clear view of it. Whipped out the camera and the fucking battery was flat. Bastard! Mind you, the battery light's been flashing for a week now. I was just hoping it would go away. My shopping list has had GET A FUCKING BATTERY CHARGER on it for weeks. It takes more than a threatening note to make me part with cash.

Yesterday was beautiful. So cool. Went up to Gosford on the train. It winds up the left side of Brisbane Water so the view is across the water to Saratoga, Green Point and Kincumber. The water was a dull silver and the mangroves were dark. The sky was dark and low. At Koolewong the moored boats were still and white. Across the water whisps of mist hung in bays and the folds of the hills. Got the Erina bus from Gosford and, as it bumped and twisted its way through Bloody Erina*, I gazed up at the mist snagged on the microwave tower at Kincumba Mountain. It rained and hour or so later. Lovely proper rain, none of yer pathetic prickly drizzle, a brief but decent shower.

It's cool again now. As I was coming home from my walk a front of cloud came in from the north like silent surf breaking overhead. New South Wales and Queensland are covered in raincloud. The remnants of Cyclone Larry. There's a second cyclone behind Larry in the Coral Sea and another off the coast of northern WA (Western Australia) but hopefully they'll come to nowt.

I'm now two thirds of the way through the lanes of Woy Woy. Only thirty five left. Looks like I'll be finished by the end of March. After that, it's back up to the streets of West Gosford.

* Bloody Erina is an unnecessarily large shopping centre with maze-like carparks and the same bloody chain stores you get in every other unnecessarily large shopping centre. It is heartily loathed, except by those poor deluded souls who think of shopping as therapy.


Fuckkit said...

Shopping is therapy!


Typical bloke.

Spike said...

Okay, I'll concede that book shopping is therapy. Or is until you go a bit overboard and get that slightly panicky feeling when you think about next month's budget. Or is that just me?

Inexplicable DeVice said...

I just love the names of places:

Kincumba/er & Koolewong.

We've got a Cucumber Street but that's about as close as it gets.

Spike said...

Nanny Ogg would love a street named after a knobbly phallic veg.

There's also Wagga Wagga* down here but you knew about that one. There's reputed to be a Watery Bay and a Sharp Point somewhere in Victoria. My theory is they were named after explorers who'd got that far and run out of names to name stuff.

* Pronounced wogga and pronounced once.