Friday, March 24, 2006

Red & swollen

No walkies today. Fiddled about and didn't get one in before the doctor. Then I came home to avoid a drowning. Black clouds were piling up over the Peninsula and there was a nice shower when I got home.

Blasted toe. It's infected. Doesn't hurt much or stop me from walking but the infection's a bit stubborn. I'm on my fourth lot of antibiotics now.

I've had ingrown toenails since I was a nipper. They're not much trouble. Bit of weekly maintenance and that's it. But they do get a mild infection every now and then and, if I ignored it, my toe would turn black, curl up and drop off.

Presumably toe infections also give you weird dreams. Last night's saw me sitting in an open-topped cable car whizzing round a nice autumnal garden. A tiny piano was playing automatically in the corner and a visitor kept telling me Richmond won the woodland roof. Yeah. Okay.


Fuckkit said...

Well the weather's picking up over here but you know the irony? We might be heading over to Oz in May. 12 months in a row of winter, your summers damn well better be worth it ;)

Spike said...

Better break it to you gently then. May is the start of our winter.


But on the up side, it was sunny all last winter. You'll probably survive on one cardy and a pair of uggs. Unless you do Tassie, which has howling gales and Cradle Mountain could freeze the tits off a brass bull.