Friday, March 03, 2006

Cool and wet

Had a couple of last weekend or Monday. Don't remember. The second one was better and lasted about an hour. Bit of wind and some decent rain too.

Lightning #1

Looks almost daylight here. The storm was about five minutes away. Saw a couple of really great clear strikes when it was close but those ones always happen when you're fiddling with the camera rather than operating it.

Captured by the video function on my camera. This is as good as the resolution gets.

Lightning #2

I love how menacing the sky looks in this one. The storm was moving away when this one was taken.

Captured by the video function on my camera sitting on the windowsill. That's its recording light reflected in the window.

Been in bed with the flu the last two days. Hopefully it's over. Don't want to go through another six week bout like last year. At least this year no-one's in danger of dropping off the twig.

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