Saturday, March 04, 2006

Happy Mardi Gras!

Can't hardly believe the Parade's here already. And here am I with the fucking flu again. Admittedly it's on the wane but thrusting my way through the parade crush and getting coughed and slobbered on by all and sundry would hardly be the road to full and complete recovery. I'll thrust next year.

The Parade started in 1978. The marchers had a permit to march but the police didn't like it and some bashing went on. 28 years later and we're still marching and the police march with us. I marched in 2003 and it was fucking brilliant. It's not on the telly tonight, more's the pity, but HMV and Sanity will have the DVD and the dance CD when they come out.

RTA - road closures around the parade route
131500 - bus, train & ferry info
Parade FAQ

Parade history
Interview with 78ers

Australian Bisexual Network
Dayenu - Sydney Jewish Gay & Lesbian Support
TenTwenty - GLBT youth
PFLAG - Parents & Friends of Lesbians & Gays
Sydney Asian Lesbians - PO Box 817 Newtown 2042
Sydney Asian Gays - try
Gay & Lesbian Rights Lobby
ACON - community, health & action

Star Observer - more poof & dyke community & support listings
LOTL - more dyke community & support listings

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