Friday, March 17, 2006

Halfwits' lament

(Woy Woy Walk #84)

Nice blue sky this morning. Makes much better photos. Popped down to Ettalong and took some photos from the beach then got in a few lanes.

Ettalong Wharf & Hardys Bay
(Big version)

The Ettalong ferry wharf and Hardys Bay from Memorial Avenue. The ferry goes down to Palm Beach behind Barrenjoey Head. From there you can leap on a bus down the Northern Beaches to Sydney.

Lion Island, Barrenjoey Head & Wagstaffe from Memorial Ave Ettalong
(Big version, resolution's not great but you can see the lighthouse better)

Fron left to right: Wagstaffe, Barrenjoey Head, sundry bits of northern Sydney within Pittwater, Lion Island in front of Commodore Heights (part of the Ku-ring-gai National Park in Sydney) and the sandbar (where the waves are breaking) at the corner where Ettalong Beach stops and Ocean Beach starts.

The Excrescence Ettalong
(Big version)

The building we love to hate. It's a club-cum-casino-cum-hotel-cum-resort on Memorial Avenue at Ettalong Beach. Locals know it variously as The Excrescence, That Stupid Bloody Great Building and That Hideous Lump.

As a building it's bearable. But it's way too big for its surroundings. As you can see in this photo it's the tallest and widest building for miles. It's the tallest and widest on the Peninsula, including the multi-storey carpark at Deepwater Plaza (near Woy Woy station).

Araluen Drive Pretty Beach
(Big version)

Just left of centre is a fifties house at Pretty Beach, the only one I saw today. Taken from the wharf at Ferry Road, Ettalong and as close as I can get with my 4x zoom. The hill is Wagstaffe.

It was a pretty warm walk but there was a decent breeze. Yesterday was stinking hot, black clouds pressing down over the Peninsula all afternoon and a couple of rumbles of thunder but no bloody relief. Today's clear and bright and not too hot.

On the bus back we were entertained, in a can't-look-away sorta way, by a couple of drongoes up the back. They were whinging (whining) at the top of their voices about how their mate had to cut back on beer and smokes to pay his solicitor off at the rate of a hundred bucks a week. It wasn't fair, they decided. After all, the video from the riots didn't actually show him braining that guy with his tyre iron, he was just carrying it for protection and he only went down to the riots to get a closer look. Bloody hell.

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