Sunday, March 12, 2006


Made a new interactive map at Flickr. Go there and click on the links on the map to see the views.

Hills & Ridges


Fuckkit said...

Oh very nice, and how did you get it to do that?

Spike said...

Ta muchly. There's a notes thingy function on flickr. Very handy. Mind you, getting the links in the right notes is a bastard. I really oughta to put my beer down first.

Also, I haven't finished yet. Got all up the side of Brisbane Water to go.

Fuckkit said...

So where in relation to the rest of Australia is Woy Woy? I figured it was near Sydney, but where in relation?

Spike said...

Here you go. And some more here, including one in which the UK is compared for size against Australia and comes off rather badly.

Fuckkit said...

Is Britain to scale? Coz I was sure were were smaller than that.

Spike said...

I copied it off one of them postcard whatsits so it could be a bit out of whack.

My atlas says Australia is 7,682,300 square kilometres and the UK is 244,110 square kilometres. Which doesn't tell us if the comparison map is accurate but sounds impressive.

Mates who've been there inform me that given a decent breeze you could piss from Land's End to John O'Groats and that's roughly the same distance as Brizzy to Canberra. For my North American visitors that's Churchill to Inukiuak on the Hudson or Albuquerque to Tulsa.